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★The following is a facilitated Ho'oponopono Cleaning Memories session here to help you anytime you feel a problem or anything blocking your natural state of joy happiness and love. As you read each question either silently or outloud to yourself this is the process that will take you into the Zero State, Clear and Free. This whole cleaning protocol brings you into the ho'oponopono zero state as you read and view it, including the image with this post and whatever issue problem or state you are in is divinely released and transmuted as you read this cleaning protocol.
★Simply let all of your thoughts and feelings about anything or anyone or any problem come up and be cleansed, released and transmuted into pure Divine Love as you read and participate in this cleaning protocol. The image and words have Divine Cleaning Energies assisting you in Cleaning and Transmuting all data programs memories into Pure Truth and Divine Love.
★As you allow in these Cleansing Energies they are uplifting you into a higher state of Consciousness and Divine Love. Simply gaze with the Words and Pictures and drink in the Divine Love and let go of all that isn't serving you anymore. I LOVE YOU , is the key to unlock these memories displacing Divinity and your Happiness, Self Love, Forgiveness, Freedom and Prosperity.

★Maybe going through this once will set you free or many times until you feel clear happy and free again. Participate by answering each question and saying your answers outloud or if you are with others silently in your mind .
So Let us Begin.......


❀ What are you willing to let go of right now and fully release to the Divine? 

What is up for cleaning on all the way to Zero right now.. It can be any memory good or bad as we can be attached to a memory of something we want to continue to have as our experience ! Whatever comes up or that is currently in your mind as a thought, memory of something, discomfort, fear or feeling or energy is it !!! ❀

✿ Could you lovingly Embrace and fully Allow these feelings and thoughts and memories to be here now, as if they were a little child ? ★ YES, Thankyou God

✿ Are you willing right now to fully LOVE all of these memories in this moment with ❀ I LOVE YOU ❀ I LOVE YOU❀ I LOVE YOU ★ YES, Thankyou God

✿ Can you now set these memories free and allow the Divine within to cleanse and TRANSMUTE all of these Memories to Zero right NOW ? ★ Yes, Thankyou God

✿ Could you fully RELEASE all of this now and Let Go and Let God ? ★ Yes, Thankyou God

 ✿ And can you now choose to be at Peace and ALLOW all to BE and all to FLOW in the way it wants to IN THIS MOMENT? ★ Yes, Thankyou GOD

✿ Now breathe it all out and allow Divine Inspiration to flow in replacing the memory with Absolute Truth and Divine Love....And IT is DONE ! ★ Yes, Thankyou God

Can you feel this peace permeating you now ? The PEACE Of I ....The peace you really are all the time !!! so simply say YES to this Peace, as we invite it in now and align with it on all levels of our being ★ I say Yes to Peace, the Peace that is I , the Peace that I AM, Thankyou GOD !

✿ How simple is our being at Peace, trusting God and allowing all to be flowing as it is, knowing that All is Well and All is OK !! Can you fully allow that for yourself now ? ★Yes, thankyou, And it is Done

✿ Do you feel yourself being more of your true self now, since you started reading and doing this cleaning, allowing more of you to be present and awakened to Truth !!! ★ YES, THANKYOU GOD

✿ NOW Feel the LOVE in your HEART begin to stir and permeate your whole being and IMAGINE this WAVE OF LOVE flowing to all those around you in your life and your whole world.

✿ Open your heart to this LOVE now, ★Yes Thankyou. GOD !!!
✿ Be this LOVE NOW, be the LOVE that you truly ARE



My wish is that this whole cleaning protocol helps when you feel lost in how to clean and get free of something, and that you can read through this outloud or in your mind over and over til you feel you are done and good again.
I would love to hear from anyone who has utilised this Cleaning Set UP in this post and what occurred for them, how many times they read it to get clear and free and anything they felt while reading and saying the words and any outcomes afterwards, thankyou to each person that does share their cleaning experience here with this blogpost as this blesses us ALL....THANKYOU, Erika L Soul. 

You have my permission to print this cleaning protocol for yourself and use it privately, however sharing it elsewhere online is not permitted. The Energy is Set Up with this Post and facilitated by me with the Divine. So please respect this Gift and ask my permission for anything esle you want to do with it besides using it for yourself, Thankyou.

★Erika L Soul ★ www.rainbowhealings.com

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  1. thank you for sharing this protocol. It has moved me into a peaceful state this evening. Thank you, I appreciate all you share with us.

    1. Thankyou for sharing this very much, Love SoulErika


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