Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Within us there is a part of ourself that won't forgive us for things we believe were wrong that we did or that someone else did to us or our family or another person or even place or country. When we ask ourselves have we forgiven ourselves fully and we get not 100% we have a no within us to fully and freely forgiving ourselves or another. As we allow this NO and give it a voice, and fully feel our NO as we energise this within us bringing it out into the open within our conscious mind we can  release the block to forgiveness. 
The NO is a part of us refusing to forgive because we have a point of view that the deed was bad and should not be forgiven ever, or we are punishing ourselves or the other person for their misdeed causing by their lack of caring. 

If we can access this NO we have that we aren't even consciously aware of and give it all our energy of NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I do not allow forgiveness of this sin error bad thing I did or they did, we embrace our refusal to forgive and allow ourselves our resistance. This then dissipates completely our unwillingness to let go and release the judgement. So if you find you do have some unforgiveness by asking "Have I completely and unconditionally forgiven this thing that I did, or they did?" and you find you haven't fully 100% then simply say No no no repeatedly to your request to forgive this thing. Like " Can I allow myself to forgive this .......... completely and unconditionally ???" then say " No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! " and keep saying NO until there is no energy to say NO anymore, you feel at peace and forgiveness has just been completely allowed. You can say this mentally in your head or outloud it works the same. If you know how to muscle test yourself even better " have I completely fully and freely forgiven this 100% ??? " If you don't know kinesiology then just intuit the answer in your imagination. Or dowse with a pendulum your percentage, or find a person to assist you in this process. ( like me !!!! )

Wow, after years of cleaning with ho'oponopono tools and prayers that help you to let go and Let God, forgive and transmute memories causing problems I discover that hidden in us beyond our consciousness awareness is a refusal to forgive and that as we check for its existence and give it all our energy and power consciously with joining with its resistance of NO NO NO NO NO I will not forgive this error, that this then lets us be ok to let go and forgive.
Now the only obstacle to all of this is our minds, that say I have forgiven myself, I have forgiven this person, I have spent much time and effort already in practicing forgiveness and healing this so I don't even need to check whether I have fully forgiven or not, we assume the deed or thing is forgiven by us but maybe there is some hidden resistance to fully completely and unconditionally forgiving it, some aspect in our unconscious refusing to forgive, to allow this to have happened to us, to allow that we did this and say its now ok to forgive !!!!!

Now to find all that unforgiveness and fully let it be there with no no no no no I will not forgive this error and bad thing he did, I did, they did or it did........its a daily task of self love and self forgiveness. Can I allow myself to not forgive myself ????? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what are the benefits to all of this???? Who knows, maybe you feel happier with yourself, maybe you are kinder more loving to yourself and others, maybe something heals in your life, maybe you can receive more from the Universe???? See what happens as you allow total forgiveness. It maybe you haven't forgiven an unkind teacher in your childhood, or Hitler for his transgressions against humanity, or something mean someone did.....

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