Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Love of Family is Everything

The Love of Family is Everything,
This just popped into my head today and as I contemplated on this I realised how this applies to every kind of family. Our family at home, our spiritual family, our adopted family, our work family, our circle of friends may be our family, whomever is family to us in our lives. The Love of Family is Everything I got as a spiritual truth given to me as a gift. As we love our family we care for them, we do things for them, we eat together, share things and interact frequently. Our Love of Family is not meant about the family that we can't be around because they harm us, but the family we choose to spend time with because they are family to us and we love them. Our family is our tribe, and we form tribes and belong to tribes to enrich us and our experience of life. When we can no longer grow with our chosen family we can choose to stay in touch but we may seek out a new family we can be more of ourselves with and that help us to grow spiritually. 

The Love of Family is Everything is also about the love they have for us that supports us and gives us nourishment. Without Love in our Family the unit eventually falls apart and stops functioning as a whole and members go their separate ways. So the Love of Family is also the key to a family serving all members well as a vehicle for helping us to grow evolve and become more loving, kinder and happier with ourselves and life. Our Family helps smooth out the rough edges and polishes us continously until we shine like a diamond, our Light shining through us to all around us. Without the Love of Family we can become insular,isolated, withdrawn, unhappy, lonely, sick, etc. 

If we are without a Family group in our lives at all for any reason but we know we all belong to one big family, the whole world is our family and we belong to everything and cannot be cut off or separated in truth we can sustain ourselves by this connection that is never lost only forgotten temporarily. Our family in spirit, our spiritual support network is always there to love and guide us if we are listening to Divine Spirit. We are all one gigantic family and are always united, and those who understand this feel no separation or loss as everyone we have ever loved is always with us in truth. Our animals are also our family as they become family members and love us unconditionally and this bond transcends all space and time and is everlasting. The Love of Family is Everything.

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