Monday, November 14, 2016


This month is a very dynamic time to be in existence. WE are excited to be able to communicate in this way with you all. What has been is gone and what is to come is up to each individual choosing anew each moment. We love to help you to cocreate Heaven on Earth. As you discover this month that the heaven you can experience within you is the real world and the outer world is but the reflection of your inner world you can begin to order your world to your Divine Inner Presence..

During the next month we come to bring you more knowledge, activating your inner wisdom within you so that you can awaken to this Divine knowledge and Wisdom always available. The Trumpet alot of you experienced last month was the Awakening of your Divine Selves from the sleep you were hypnotised into. Now awakened you can take stock and become more aware awake alive than ever before. So feel this newly found Energy alive in you more fully this month as you feel more on purpose than ever before. Knowing your Self is the path to your fulfillment. As you realise the Power that you do truly possess for this Life to be what you truly want to live you can start creating it.

 So right now feel the Energy Transmission coming to you through our words, carrying a Quickening of your Being, awakening you even more. With this Transmission comes upgrades to your physical body to attune it to more Energy Truth and divine Knowledge. The sign of this occuring for you this month is a wonderful one as each one of you receive this Energy Attunement we will present you with a Golden Feather of Truth. With it will come a special Gift that blesses you and your LIFE. 

As you go through this month feel our Love and Blessings pouring into your Heart from the Divine in US Angels to the Divine in you, feel the Blissful Love permeate your entire Being from head to toe, feel US Angels in your dreams touching your heart and giving it a Heart Activation. Awaken your Heart now as it is what the world needs as you allow the Love to Shine through your heart to all in the World, a lighthouse guiding others safely home to the Divine.

We love each one of you divinely and are always here and present as you think of U.S. Angels we exist in the here and now. 

Until next months U.S.Angels Group Reading be Blessed in each and every moment of your existence.. As you reread this Group Angel Reading each time it will activate more and more for each one of you.



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