Friday, December 9, 2016



🌟This month get ready for an exciting exhilirating ride, hang on tight and enjoy each moment of the journey. What is wonderful is you can now relish each moment of your life as the rich life experience it has always been.

🌟In this present time alot is being achieved in the background, where you cannot see the activities of non physical beings working with so much love and devotion on everyone's behalf. Some of you join them in loving service to the Divine in your night time travels. Divine wonders and Miracles are cocreated for all of Life and are always occuring around you. So right now we are raising your Awareness of these Miracles and wonders so that you notice and feel and appreciate the divine gift and miracle of them.

🌀We want to keep your faith and trust and hope as these are your most important real treasures to cherish always. Do not give in to the negativity around you as this is all an illusion and always there is the sun shining beyond these clouds and you can feel it by knowing and sensing its Light upon your soul constantly.

🌠 This months Divine Transmission carries great healing frequencies to bring body mind spirit healing to each one of you. Anytime you reread this you can receive another level and activation for yourself. If you are feeling low in spirit, unhappy, unwell or lost come and read this and it will lift you up and recharge you and restore you to your Divine Connection. Receive this now coming in from your head to your toes and into all your bodies, emotional mental etheric .....Feel this as electricity firing your cells and spirit with Divine Healing Energies healing your mind body and spirit.

🌞Up til now we have kept this
U.S. Angels Group Readingas our way to communicate with you directly but from this month forward we will be communing with you telepathically where you just know things or receive our direct guidance. You may meditate and ask to meet US. Angels, we are your friends, spiritual guides. masters, angels, always with you during your lifetime.

🌠Our sign and healing symbol activating you with this months
U.S. Angels Group Reading is a special talisman, a symbol of a spiritual warrior with great energy, kindness and strength. It may reveal itself to you in anyway at all, and each time we are cocreating this and showing you we are right here tangible and present. When you see it know these qualities of strength, kindness and energy of the spiritual warrior are activating in you and awakening you be your own Spiritual Warrior.

🌟Until next months U.S.Angels Group Reading rejoice Living each moment of your LIFE!~!!! As you reread this Group Angel Reading each time it will activate more and more for each one of you. We Love you Always.

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