Saturday, January 14, 2017

A New YOU for 2017

 A NEW You
Imagine you are in a transparent bubble. Now see another "You" outside the bubble at some distance and this "You" has all the qualities you want. Make this other *You* bigger, brighter, colourful, beautiful, healthy, energetic, youthful, prosperous, successful, happy, blissful, abundant, self loving.

Now imagine this *You* learned all of the things you want to achieve and this  *You*is achieving the outcomes you want easily with joy and enjoying the process.

See this  *You* is doing all the things you want to have be and do and all the qualities have now come into this  *You* that you chose and this  *You* is using them at full power and enjoying Life.

And this New  *You* is celebrating this achievement with family and friends. Make this  *You* larger than life size.

And then see this  *You* coming towards you with arms opening wide and you come out of your bubble and get closer and get integrated into this new  *You*. This  new *You*  is completely mixing integrating with you and now feel all those qualities have come within you and you're enjoying your outcomes.

See how your life is changed forever now.
Imagine your being this New *YOU* in your future Life....Feel this now.....Be this Now....And IT IS DONE.....

Rewritten by Erika L Soul ~ Rainbow Healings
and this is shared by Ips K who got it a facebook group > "Posted by Swapnil in a FB Group. NLP technique I used to change myself and get job. Swapnil "

Recording of this A New You is facilitated by me as a Spiritual Exercise that you can do while listening to me taking you through this imagining a New You...

Link for this Recording of a New YOU

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