Monday, July 10, 2017


💛This month is a time for more LIGHT. Infuse your Being in Light, feel the Light of All permeating your Self. Stand in the Light more and more often. Let the Light Rays come into every cell of your body cleansing purifying all, let the Light into your MIND illuminating all your thoughts and memories. LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT. Be this LIGHT, increase your Radiance, let it all Shine through you to all around YOU. See this month how we bring you opportunities for experiences of LIGHT. See what colour of Light appears on the screen of your mind as you meditate. Turn your LIGHT ON, spiritually and physically. 

💚Each step you take this month is taking you into more JOY, happiness, Love, Abundance, Truth. Step Lightly along your chosen path. There is no wrong path, how can there be?? Enjoy the PATH you are ON, step along in Joy and Harmony, dance, Sing and be Happy. All is Well, All is OK.   

💜 Once upon a time there came to be YOU, a story of YOU, that you are writing and creating each moment of your LIFE, This month if you can celebrate Being YOU, the true Essence of Soul that you are, the Gift, and Love YOU that is your true callling. So this month we are calling your name, calling you to LOVE YOU, celebrate you, appreciate YOU. The WONDER OF YOU. 

 💜As you Be the LIGHT, and step along your Path in total JOY and Celebration of LIFE, Loving YOU each step of the way, and writing your Story of YOU as you go, changing what you wish to have now into a more loving happy STORYBOOK OF YOU, we will be assisting you in every way. Feel the Energy now stepping UP in YOU to be ALL THAT YOU CAN BE, HAVE ALL THAT IS AVAILABLE for you to receive, and LOVE ALL THAT IS YOU. We are gifting you this Energy Transmission to enhance all that is written within this Group Reading for All those who love to read it and receive the Energy we transmit to you. to quantum Shift you and your LIFE into the Magical Storybook of Youm Dancing your Way to the Golden Heart of YOU. 

 💜AS YOU DO YOUR BEST TO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE THIS MONTH, ESPECIALLY YOURSELF, this Appreciation and Gratitude of all the Blessings you have and are receiving Opens you up to more Blessings Love and Joy. Appreciation of even what is not to your liking creates MIRACLES !!!!

💙Divine Energy Transmissions flow throughout this Group Angel Reading and each time you reread this you receive a deeper and higher level of this Energy, helping to shift you into higher levels of Consciousness. Until next months Your Higher Angels Group Reading enjoy this Reading over and over as it will bring forth more Blessings each time your read it. 


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