Thursday, October 26, 2017



What awaits you today??? What are you choosing to experience? Is it what you think you are worth??
What if you could receive beyond your limiting beliefs ?
What if you can go beyond your limitations ???
What if you just jump over them and find they were not blocking you at all just giving you an illusion of they are your limitation ??
What if you can unconditionally forgive yourself for creating the limitation in the first place ? What if you can forgive the judgement of yourself that created the limitation ?? What if all that stuff you believe is making you unworthy of receiving all the Blessings and riches of the Universe is now dissolved and all is forgiven??

What if all your unconscious blocks to your good can be dissolved into Love one by one? Are you ready for this right now? Will you fully allow it ??? YES ???
Ok so lets create this now happening for you as you allow all of this to be So !!!! 1 2 3 4 5 And IT IS DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now is your mind saying oh no it isn't that simple and easy as I just read this but what if it is ??? Could you open yourself to an Activation right now that allows you to Quantum Leap into Unlimitedness ??? As you OPEN UP in this moment to receiving this Activation that is Activating all of this to Unblock and Shift Old Blocks and Limitations holding you back from receiving all your Good and allowing you to Forgive yourself for all you are past deeds that you are judging yourself for .
Yes Yes Yes I open to Receive this Activation now, Thankyou AND IT IS DONE !!!!!

Erika L SouL
Quantum Energy Practitioner

[ This Card is from the deck Angel Answers Oracle Cards ]

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