Saturday, December 16, 2017


💛We thankyou all for attending these Readings each month. We work with you all on the inner planes as you receive these Angel Readings we create for you all each month. It is a joy and a pleasure. We also work together with your Guides Angels and Spiritual Masters. Your task as you read them is to drink them in, all the energy and words allowing them to shift you into higher states of consciousness and Love. One time you thought all was lost and you were left behind and forgotten, and you cried out why have you forsaken me. In truth we never left you, you were never alone, but your feelings thoughts and beliefs prevented you from realising this Truth. So now we are Gifting you a healing for this memory, a soul memory in the Collective Consciousness. A healing of all that angst and pain, transmuting it all into Pure Divine Love. This is occuring individually for each one of you as these memories are released for healing and transmutation.

💜Let's work with pain this month, pain in the body, pain in the mind, pain that is emotional, pain that is causing you grief and stress. Let Us Angels shift this pain as we surround you with our Healing Rays, as you allow us to do this it is done. Feel a big burden be released from your shoulders and your mind that wasn't yours however you took it on forgetting to give it up to God. We are lightening your load this month with Gods Grace for you, you will feel lighter freer and happier as a result.

💛 Let us create this month more of what you do desire and less of creating through not being aware of what you are choosing with your thoughts and feelings. Let Us Angels now align you with everything your heart desires, all that you have been calling out for to have and experience, feel that shift occuring now. Every time you read this more and more alignment will occur for you, as we tune you into your Vortex, a vortex of all that energy of what you have wished for, that has been created within this Vortex and now you can step into it, be one with it. Be silent as this is activated for you now.

💖 A big moment this month will be tremendous for you, a moment of realisation of Truth, a big aha, as you suddenly shift out of an old illusion that you had you trapped in an old fear. Hold your breath and release your heart.

💜Beautiful Gifts and Blessings are flowing to you throughout this month, Gifts of the Spirit, Gifts of Love, Gifts of Joy, Gifts that uplift and illumine you, Gifts that hold great blessings, open to these Gifts and Blessings flowing to you now. Allow them all in, this flood that has waited to come to you for so long. We hold the door Open for all of this to come to you, simply open your heart and mind now to receiving these Gifts and Divine Blessings, Miracles and Love. You are worthy of them rejoice as they come in, live in appreciation of all that you already have and gratitude for all that comes to you.

💛 Our sign this month of all of this Us~Angels Reading activated and occuring for you within you and your life is a Golden Harp playing with Angels surrounding it. As you see it feel the Music of the Spheres coming in playing heavenly music healing and blessing you divinely filling you with Blissful Union with all of LIFE.

💖 A sign of our Loving Presence this month is golden Light sparkling very brightly, this we will bless you with and as you experience it this will also fill you with Golden Rays of Light, uplifting and illuminating you. 

💛 Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.


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