Saturday, January 13, 2018

♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ United Souls Angels Reading JANUARY 2018


♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ United Souls Angels Reading JANUARY 2018

💙💝 This month is the start of a whole new Year, time to begin again, reset your Life, renew yourself, recharge, revitalise and spiritually attune yourself into your Divine Self and Divine Beauty. What is waiting for you this year, as you imagine now a wonderful year that you rejoice in living each moment as a golden opportunity to become the Love that you are in a richer higher way than ever before. In this moment focus within on what is your hearts true desires and imagine divine Golden Moments filling up your year and then with our Love we will enter into the realm in which you are living this in Truth and help you to realise these dreams.

💞 What is being realised as you go about your life ? Is it simply going from one thing to the next trying to do your best ? Or are you realising more of you and your Greatness each moment and what you can be do and have being infinitely possible? Simply right now make the choice in what you truly desire to realise as you go about your life and send that desire into the Divine Spirit, setting it forth to become what you experience in your daily life. It is that simple and many people have done this. Asked to bring more Truth into their Life as they live it, in their work, in their family life, in their existence, that Truth is revealed to them and through them. Right now choose what you desire as your daily life experience to be for you, and then release it into your future and we will help you to be more realised in your existence in this way.

💙This month get set for new Energy in your Life, as you are ready for this upsurge in your Life of more Energy, more Aliveness, More Awareness, More Love, More Money, as with this new Energy comes increased Energy and your Being will be vibrating with more Energy, more Joy, more Inspirations than ever before, Are you Ready? If not stop reading and say no I don't want this and forget about it. However should you desire this and let in this new Wave of Energy you will be riding this Higher Wave of Love and Energy taking you to new shores destinations and a new Life.

💚A Gift is being Bestowed upon you now as you read, a Gift that the Universe is bringing to you through the Doorway to Heaven, open yourself and say "Yes thankyou I open and I let this in now" and what will come will be a Miracle Blessing you with a Divine Gift from the Highest. You will know when it arrives as you will be most overjoyed and happy as you receive it.

💜 Our sign this month of all of this Us~Angels Reading activated and occurring for you within you and your life is a Beautiful Unicorn that as you see it Blesses you with Divine Truth Beauty Love and a huge Blessing.

💛 A sign of our Loving Presence this month is a golden Eagle soaring through the sky and as you see this know we are with you and communicating in that moment with you and we will give you a special message just for you as you see this Golden Eagle.

💛 Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy Transmissions.💛


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