Sunday, March 11, 2018


♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ U.S. ANGELS GROUP READING MARCH 2018 💜💛💚💙💘💗💖💕💝💞🌼🌟🌟🌞

🌟What is possible for each one of you during this month is reaching an important goal that you have. One that you have held in your heart and longed for. Open up this month to all the Love filling up your goal and lifting it into the highest energy for coming forth into manifestation. Hold it in your heart right now and then release it into the Divine Realm trusting and knowing it will come forth into your Life at the most opportune time. Know as you do this here we are energising this goal you hold so dear to your heart. Be Blessed and Happy as you imagine yourself one with this goal !!!!! 🌟

🌟Healing is a joy to behold, healing energy is coming to you now from within and without healing old stuck memories transmuting all that old dross into Pure Light and Sound of the Divine. Healing Transformational Energy is here being transmitted and you can simply hold the space within you to receive it right now and yes you can ask in your heart for healing of something bothering you or simply allow IT to go to what is perfect and right to be healed now. This Healing Grace comes to you as a Divine Gift that you are ready now to receive. If you feel doubt resistance or negativity as you read this allow the healing energy to shift that for you. Then come back again another time to receive the Healing for what you can allow right now. You can do this as many times as you wish for anything.🌟

🌟Feel a Divine Ray of Light blazing through your body ~heart~ mind expanding you and lighting you up inside like the Sun, shining throughout your being its warmth and energy flowing through every cell and organ of your physical body, through every part of you, your DNA, activating your Light codes, creating waves of Paradise, this Golden Light clears you and is amplified by the US Angels, clearing your mind, purifying your thoughts, connecting you with the Divine Mind of all that Is, as it moves throughout your emotional body clearing out negative emotions and feelings ~ purifying, lifting and raising their vibrations, purifying your etheric body, your hands and feet and your whole being now radiates this Divine Light, let this Divine Light radiate through you to everyone In your Life, your home, family, Friends, co-workers, workplaces, neighbourhood, and the whole planet, helping to cleanse and purify the consciousness of All of Life on the Earth, radiating out to the cosmos and beyond. 🌟

🌞 This month the Healing Sign for you is a beautiful image of Paradise on Earth that uplifts you and you know that this Paradise is within and you are being shifted into Creating Paradise as your very experience of Life here on Earth..🌟
🌟Our sign that we are with you always this month as close as your breath is a beautiful Gift we will be bringing to you, a Gift that is a sign of our Angels Presence. Enjoy this Blessing from U.S.Angels.

 🌟🌟🌞Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.🌟🌟🌞

✿ U.S. ANGELS ✿♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿


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