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*Blue Solar Water *

                               Blue Solar Water Prayer


Pull out from my Memory Bank all the unwanted,negative memories And blocks.  Sever, Detach, untie and Release these unwanted memories and Blocks. Transmute these unwanted energies to "PURE LIGHT".

With total Forgiveness and Unconditional Love I delete the old from my DNA release it and let it go now.

I allow every PHYSICAL, MENTAL,EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL PROBLEM and INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR based on the memories to quickly disappear.

Thank you SPIRIT , for coming to my aid and helping me attain the full Measure of my creation.

Thanks You, Thank you, Thank You. I love you. Praise god from whom All blessings flow.

Now and Forever more..... AMEN

Anytime I do anything with WATER (drink, shower, bathe, swim, wash my hands or dishes, etc) I activate this prayer.

How to make your own Blue Solar Water.
By Mabel Katz


Blue solar water is EASY to make, delicious to drink AND a powerful CLEANING tool 
to erase memories.

1. Get a Glass Blue Bottle. Any color blue, from light blue to Dark blue will work.

2. Fill with Tap water and cover with a non-metallic lid--cork, plastic,Even cloth Wrapped with a rubber band will work because the Purpose of the lidIs just to Keep the dirt and bugs (that Love Blue Solar Water) out.
3. Place in the Sun for an hour or more. Mabel comments that when left Longer, it is Sweeter.
4. When done, your Blue Solar Water can be stored in the refrigerator in Any Container, glass, plastic, etc.

How Much Blue Solar Water to drink? Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len recently Shared that, for the sole purpose of CLEANING memories, he drinks aGallon and a half of Blue Solar Water a day!

How to get your Blue Solar Water when traveling: While traveling it is
Easy to get your daily Blue Solar water. Just take a small bottle with
You and add one drop to anything you drink. This one drop is enough to
Solarize anything that you drink.

You can also use it mentally. Mentally repeat "Solar Water" This will
Work when you REALLY cannot prepare it or have access to it. God will do It for you ONLY when you cannot do it physically.

How to get enough Blue Solar Water in the winter, when the days can be Dark and sunless? Same as when traveling, a very small amount of BlueSolar water, even one drop, added to regular water will solarize it. You Can also solarize it under an incandescent clear light (blue bottle) for An hour, or an incandescent blue light (clear bottle) for an hour.

How else to use Blue Solar water:
- Add some to your Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Juice, etc

- Add Blue Solar Water to everything you cook, Pasta, Soup, Oatmeal,
Scrambled eggs, etc. Remember, just a drop of Blue Solar Water will
Solarize all of it.

- Add some Blue Solar Water to your washing machine when washing Clothes

- Spray some in your dryer

- Add it to your radiator to make your car hummmm

- Add it to your bath water

- Spray yourself with Blue Solar water after showering

- Spray rooms with Blue Solar Water

- Gargle with it.

- Wash Floors with it

- Wash your car with Blue Solar Water

The following is a few excerpts from "The Zero Limits Seminar"
By Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

So, I have a blue bottle here. I am going to show you how to make a Special kind of water that will release memories, Earth bound spirits, Entities, and space beings.

Here's blue water. So, here is how this works.

This is a CLEANING PROCESS. So what you need is a blue bottle. It can be Any kind of bottle. It has to be glass. Of course, it has to be blue.
Then you fill it up with tap water!
So, you put tap water in there. Then you need a solar source. It could Be the sun, but let's say so the sun comes down and hits that andHits in the bottle.

Now, what it'll do is it'll take all of the toxins out, any Memories( programs beliefs past experiences emotions) that is not correct for you and it will infuse it with whatever Rainbow colors that is perfect for you. It will make this exchange. So Down comes the Source, It could be the sun or it can be an incandescent Light bulb! NOT fluorescent! So, there has been a move to ____Fluorescent lamps, too bad for us, because they burn! If you go to Classrooms in which the fluorescent lamp leads, you have lot of Problems, you see? So, now, you can have THIS as a Source, Energy sourceOr the sunlight. What it needs is at least an hour!

Here you go. Okay. I fill it up with tap water. I leave it out in the Sun or under our incandescent lamp and now all I do is I am going to Drink this stuff and this is another form that says, "I love You!" So, now I am drinking it. As I drink it, it will begin to work on Erasing anything in your entities, Earth bound, space beings or anything
Like that.

Dr. Hew Len: But now, what THIS will do for you, because most of us run Around dehydrated, it will do like this. If you have any respiratory problem, if you drink at least a gallon of this, it'll knock it out; if you have any back problems, if you have any joint problems, if you Have any muscle problems, it'll knock it out...just memories. But, now you are hydrating yourself. Now, remember now, it's going into The Subconscious before its goes into the cell. It's changing you at The Subconscious level. So, if you drink this stuff, a Lot of your so called health problems will go...guarantee.

Basically, no. Be 100% responsible for one's self. When one tries to take on the responsibility (to fix - heal) you are alsotaking on all the responsibility for them, their relatives, ancestors, and incarnations selves.((I am paraphrasing here)) a very heavy load, Indeed.

But, if you make it for yourself, it'll take care of the other person. Whatever comes off of you, will come of the other person. Now, let's say you have a party and you serve it anyway. I mean, you know, that's when you REALLY want to make sure that you've got the water out, because they are coming...Not to see you, they are coming to be cleaned up! Oh, it would be like the same if they came to see us, but somehow The Universe is saying, "Uh-oh, they know something we don't now!" They are going to show up! Yeah.

(Dr. Len refers to a book: "The Bodies Many Cries For Water" in This section of the talk. The back-story to this book is fascinating. And I ((Bill)) have been following some of the precepts of the book, using my blue solar water, of course. I will add some links and info in another post. I have also been using a stir wand, but that is even another story)

A few more additional tips:

-Use a mister or diffuser. Also, oils or sea salt can be added.

-Spray one's shoes to cleanse memories that have been picked up.

-Add to cleaning supplies

-Spray pets.

-Add to pet's water

-Some have reported success with acne.

Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:15 pm (PDT)


Dr. Len often references the work of: Fereydoon Batmanghelid.

For those not familiar with him ,in a very small nutshell, Dr. B. story is:  
He was a medical doctor who was thrown into an Iranian prison. 
The only thing he had to treat his fellow prisoners with was water. 
He was successful, which lead him into researching hydration.
Even after being offered release, he stayed in prison for another year,
as he felt he was there for a reason, and wanted to finish his research.

Very basically, his research shows that for every two pounds of body weight,a person needs one ounce of water. So a 100 pound person needs 50 ounces of water a day,a 150 pound person 75 ounces and so on. For every ounce of a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, a person needs anadditional two ounces of water. BTW: other liquids such as juice, pop, tea, and so forth does not count as water. He also touted the importance of salt in hydration and the overall health of the body vs. sodium (table salt). He recommended one quarter teaspoon of high quality sea salt for every quartof water. Before hedied his top choice was Himalayan Salt.

For more information and a really good audio interview with

Dr. B. is: The Water Cure

http://www.watercure.com/index. html

Call them memories, toxins, frequencies,

Solar +Water seems to be a highly pro-active choice 
for the intellect to make.


Bill Sample

Posted and shared by Erika L Soul of Rainbow Healings


  1. Thank you Erica for this post, is very informative. You can use Solar water in so many ways, is really wonderful. keep posting, I love all the information's, about Ho'oponopono.
    God Bless you.
    Love always Voula.

  2. Hi there,
    I live in Canada and we are in the midst of winter. There is also a ban on incandescent bulbs here. If I place the full blue bottle inside my home, in front of a sunny window, will it still solarize?
    P davies

    1. yes if sunlight is entering the bottle even through a window it will still do the job and you can also say the words Blue Solar water to the water and ask for this water to be changed into blue solar water too !!

  3. How dors blue solar water work.for some blue colour may not suit
    Does it work for everyone

  4. If sunlight unavailable then we need to keep the bottle very near to bulb or in room where bulb is ON.


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