Saturday, July 26, 2008

What ifs and our real Why's

What if ?? this is a great way to get the mind to go in positive circles instead of what iffing on the negative , the mind can be imagining all sorts of bad what ifs even unconsciously . So instead of going what if this doesn't work out or what if it rains, you say What if everything goes well tonite , what if I enjoy myself yes yes yes. I feel adding yes yes yes is very enhancing and creates an attrator factor to it. You are affirming this and allowing this to be true for you.. YOU can even add thank you or I love you whatever you're inspired to add or nothing just what if , you can say it out loud or silently. I got this what if thing from a post on a Zpoint group , and if you are asking what is zpoint well , Z point evolved in a way from EFT and BSFF ~ Grant Connoly created this process and his website is if you are curious at all.

So here are some what if examples................

What if everyone loves me ~yes yes yes
What if I do already love myself,~yes yes yes
What if God loves me, ~yes yes yes
What if my partner loves me, ~yes yes yes
What if my future is all taken care of ~yes yes yes
What if I succeed at this ~yes yes yes
What if I am ok and will be ok always~ yes yes yes
What if I always have what I need~ yes yes yes
What if I am a blessing to all I meet~ yes yes yes

By now you get the picture, what I find is I get very positive and happy from this and it changes my worry to a different direction, negatively vibrating to positively.

Another great question to ask is WHY DO I WANT THIS? when there is something you want to attain or do, you keep asking this until you get to the real why, you may encounter some negative answers til you reach your final why ,you will know when you get there . Its a very interesting thing to do writing the question over and over and writing your answer down helps clarify , but you can do it in your head also. You may discover from this some of the things you don't want.

Once you have your why this is your real motivation that will inspire you to stay with your desire. So maybe we don't need to judge our desires as materialistic or whatever because behind them is a higher desire.

First you write down your desire, then write Why do I want this and then write your answer and keep asking and answering til your done. I write why do I want each answer I get like a full sentence like Why do I want to be successful? Answer : So I feel empowered. Question:Why do I want to feel empowered? answer: So I feel I can do anything .etc etc.

We did this process along with an exercise for finding your real wants from Joe Vitales book The Attractor Factor in my Divine Angel Healing Circle in June 08 . Once we had found our desire and written it in a positive format we did the why do we want this question and then we cleared any resistance, negative blocks memories in the way with some clearing techniques. Our final step was to do a manifesting technique to send it into a pool of loving energy and releasing it for our best and highest good letting go of all attachments to how when if etc. When we shared our desires we found we all wanted each others intention, and the whys were amazing that people realised were the real reason. It was a big night and I felt the effects in my life over the next week (and continuing )as I could see things happening related to the session. Thank you thankyou to the Divine for this wonderful session with wonderful people I love You, Hu

Happy journeying into the unknown , any questions on this just email me or leave a comment.
Thank you
May the Blessings Be

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