Monday, September 22, 2008

Dearest Angels Guides and God....

This is a healing practice to help you to release blocks you may have .
You can repeat this mentally 3 times before you go to sleep and write
it down on paper and put it under your pillow, (you can do this as often as you like). This is taken from Doreen Virtue and it truly works as I have found out from doing it.
Dearest Angels, Guides and God.
I ask you to work with me while I am asleep tonight, to clear away any
blocks that keep me from fully enjoying my life, following my divine purpose, and being my true self. Please either bring these blocks (memories) to my attention or completely remove them from my mind , body and emotions during my sleep tonight. Thank you.
May the Blessings Be -
- Another one to say before sleep is :
Angels please enter my dreams tonite and give me clear messages that
I will remember to help me to know which direction to take with my career now ( or what steps to take now). You can put in your own request that you have specifically if you wish.

**Well enjoy these and leave a comment if you have any experiences you are happy to share.

Love & Blessings
Erika L Soul

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