Monday, January 18, 2010

A gift of Love

Today I gave a gift of being of service at my Sunday spiritual worship service, during our HU chant I asked to be of service however I could assist by talking to someone or doing anything . So during our social  lunch time I found someone at the library section as I returned a dvd that was new and wanted some assistance with what to choose and information on our spiritual path. I shared with her my experience of Eckankar and gave her a HU cd as a gift and a small free book Ancient Wisdom for Today .I enjoyed giving this assistance and our talking together and that it just happened so naturally. So thankyou  God  for the opportunity to be of service and for all my gifts and blessings that I received today and that I was able to give Love thru service.

  If you wish to you can go to this website with this link and  download the HU song sung by a thousand people and read up on what this singing /chanting HU can do for you and your life and how to sing it at ..

I am sharing this with you as a gift from the divine and you can use this word anytime  the hu is a part of us as  we are HU-man.
hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu


  1. Hi Erika, not sure if you remember me, but I have attended one of the ho cleaning sessions.. I am very much into the ringing cedars at the moment,and would like to know how you reconcile the message of HO, with the message of Anastasia which is all about LOA, and how we need to speed up our thought...

  2. hi whoisit98 thankyou was that Al McAllisters one ? My partner and I love the Ringing Cedars and Ho'oponopono . The mind thinks in compartments and doesn't know how to blend so we can contemplate on the connections between the two to get an answer.
    all exists together as one in truth and truth is that we are all one family always connected. the message of ho'oponopono is we create our reality we are creators and our memories which are programs and feelings run us unless we clean them by turning to God and releasing them . Anastasia says we are powerful creators and can do anything once we are aware of who we are . Similar message .
    love Soulerika


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