Monday, March 15, 2010

Healing and Sacred G

Yesterday I created a Sacred G zone by getting all of  our Sacred G poster prints together (we don't have a Sacred G fusion bedset as yet) under a thin camping bed mattress  and lay down and put some large fusion posters to look at facing the bed to really feel the effect and put a 200 afformations recording with energy healing music I have made with statements like "Why am I pure Love?" Why  am I now one with my divine self ? Why do I have all that I need right now? on as well . This has now been put on my Download Recordings page on my website so you can download this if you want to listen to it and the title above is a live link to this page . I said my afformations mentally while looking at this Sacred G fusion poster below. Cory Herter has mentioned he manifests things very quickly with Sacred G.

I stayed on the floor mattress for a few hours having a great experience , and afterwards I went for a walk in the sunshine  with very little thinking going on just peaceful . I made a great dinner that I ate without feeling sick which I was earlier and we watched a movie I found on Youtube and Surf the Channel called The Ultimate Gift by author Jim Stovall which was very enlightening and enjoyable . I  had read the book years ago so I was surprised to find the movie of it . The flow on effect from being on so much Sacred G was amazing and I accepted the changes with appreciation.

So we can change our states and feelings when we choose to , my inspiration was doing this Sacred G bed to effect my current state of health and wellbeing after a long night of lying awake after watching Avatar which was too much action and intensity for my sensitive self before bedtime and feeling negative and sick the next day for a few reasons mainly needing to clear my energy field of negativity and stuck emotions . I hope this post assists you on your journey to becoming all that you really are.

Love peace and harmony

This is a picture from my camera phone of my large fusion poster four A4's size.This picture will be effective to look at like this but to print you need the proper file for the Sacred geometry to be really effective you can go to and pay $10 to get the A4 file to print your own copies from  ,if you can't print contact me and I can send you A4 printed doublesided laminated for $3 each and postage.All info is on Corys website with all free videos and info.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recipes for healing

You can mix any healing technique together as  you get inspired to they are all recipe ingredients and sometimes you can add 2 together or more .
I love the Sedona method and I even combine that with Reference Point therapy.for example "Could I allow myself to  release all these feelings back to the original reference point,then say Yes yes yes!

On a higher plane of consciousness all you are doing is loving accepting welcoming and releasing whatever it is into the energy of pure Love so if you do a meditation you can feel into that experience and enjoy a simple way above the world of time and space. 

But on this physical level we use all these different healing techniques to aid our minds in letting go of the problem, use what works well for you , the magic is in you ~ tap into it to use for your freedom from the mind and problems and let it take you into your land of miracles magic and music.


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