Saturday, March 19, 2011

Healing Angel Messages

The well is dry so full before and now empty, fill from the Ocean your cup and let it overflow to fill up others cups and keep filling till all is forever full. 
Let this be your time to live from a Cup full to the brim with love for all, this is the Divine's wish for you to live from the Well of Abundance that is your natural state . 
Fill up now with all that you need then give this out to others drink deeply feel this in you this divine energy and let it work its magic on you of Transformation. 
With Our Love The Angels*~*

From Jan Rekoutis-Archangel Gabriel with Metatron, Michael, Angels of Love , Purlimiek, Zadkiel and Raphael all held in unicorn energy bringing light to nature. With elemental lit up in the angel light that is shining down to support it.                (Diana Cooper)
 with love in Divine Spirit~ SoulErika.

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