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Most Benevolent Outcomes file

Most Benevolent Outcomes are requests you make for anything at all to your Guardian Angel who will assist you with the request that will be the Most Benevolent for you and all. You will receive inner guidance in many forms as a feeling or a thought or from another person or just a great outcome  so they will happen through you and from your outer world . You are giving your GA permission to assist you which brings you closer to them and thins the veil between you and the spiritual worlds as you start to work hand in hand with them, becoming a junior creator. You say them outloud or you write them down, you only need to say them once but if you feel better say them again or for what you are feeling about the manifesting of it. Start on small things and progress to bigger things in your life you want assistance with. If they take a while just trust it is being manifested in divine timing for you and so you are ready to receive it. If its not on your soul path for you ie soul contract it may not manifest so just let go and trust all that is occuring is for your best and highest good. If you keep a journal you will be able to see what happens and write down the results. Many people email Tom T Moore with their results and he shares these with his readers of his newsletters and blog.

This document was created by Erika L Soul on May 2011 from many MBO‟s found in The Gentle Way newsletter and Most Benevolent Outcomes Blog by Tom T Moore and Steve Pavlina‟s forum plus my own creations and conversions.This is a way to have your MBO's in a list you can access easily and in section headings like Relationships, so it's easier to find them and say them. It is not complete and does not include heaps Tom Moore has. If your MBO is in this and has been changed I hope you don't mind. This compilation has been in the works for a few months and then I got the energy and inspiration to do the editing and work of making it into a document which I am very pleased with.

There will be more to come as I find new MBO's and create them so there will be new versions of this document in the future. Feel free to edit and make it your own plus add your own MBO's and you can share it all you want. The Word doc file is the one to download so you can make changes but if you don't have Segoe print font then it will not be all in order.Latest update March2012 for Word Doc file link below.

Since I added an MBO into the credits at the end of this doc many MBO's have occurred that relate to what I asked for, such as being able to convert this into a PDF format to keep the font and document intact for those without Segoe print font . I also found a great website for sharing documents articles etc and have uploaded this successfully. So this project has been time consuming but has reaped many MBO's which would make a large list already! I have learnt a lot plus read over so many great MBO's and reworded them for even better results. I could go on but I will stop now !!! My wish is for this to benefit everyone and myself and create heaps of MBO's and wonderful experiences.

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