Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Prosperity Angel and the Prosperity Gold Coin

I have had this  painting  of the Prosperity Angel by Nan Sea Love for a while and never knew where it came from or looked at it too closely as the image I had was fairly small  and I had been sharing  it on my three facebook pages and profile wall  . During March 2012 I have been running my monthly Draw Healing Event and this month I felt compelled to create it on a Prosperity Gold Coin that I have been sharing as a gift with family and friends over the last 6months or so. I had the idea a while back to use it for my Monthly event but didn't know how to go about doing this  however I suddenly got very inspired to do this . Up til this event I had not shared it publically anywhere only privately and my father received one for his Birthday last December  and was very inspired with how it could help alot of people, however after this I stalled on making it into something I would promote and ask a price for, I was feeling reluctant and wasn't clear to do this even with Dads enthusiasm I wasn't very confidant of what I had created really on all levels of what its properties could really do. This Magical Money Coin is energetically, vibrationally attuned to Angels, Money ,Prosperity and is a Money Attractor created to attract Abundance to you in many ways. So I got my description of the Coin I had written for recipients of the Gold coin and put this into the event details and wrote that it would work with each person non physically but be present energetically with them for the whole month and one lucky winner would receive one in the mail at the end of the Month of March.

 Well within a day I had over 30 people attending and saying how happy they were to join and how much it was just what they needed ,  it was the biggest response to a Monthly DRAW Healing Event on facebook I had run so far on my Erika L Soul~!Rainbow Healings page . In a week or so there were over 40 and alot of new people had entered. Most of my events have been 30 -40ish for the whole month. I had a picture of Gold bars and money for a few weeks for the Event I was very happy with to give the event the Energy Of Money and I was running a special Money clearing healing Cocktail (in a SRC4U healing software program worth $2500 to purchase) that I created also that has all that the Gold  coin does and more in it for Clearing Blocks to Abundance with amazing healing energies  and this has been running for everyone in the event for a few weeks now, since late FEB.  . In the first week one lady had a huge turnaround in her work and finances .  I now run this healing cocktail with the Gold Coin within my Soul Energy Healing Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoulEnergyHealing/

 Last week I felt divinely guided  to change the picture though somewhat reluctantly as I was attached to the one I had representing  the event and chose a small  image I had  of A Prosperity Angel which I knew nothing about whatever.  Then a day later  while searching on Google Images for a Gold Coin as I thought to change the Angel picture for a special Gold coin image by chance or divine intervention I find the Prosperity Angel image so I clicked on it to see if I could find out something more about it and discovered  Nan Sea Loves beautiful website  and I read that this Angel was very special for helping people with Prosperity and Lack issues and realised I had to put her back as the Image representing  my Event pronto . I  specially asked this Angel to assist everyone participating in it with her blessings and love.  I loved Nan Sea's paintings as I love intuitive ART that heals and uplifts and I love to draw healing intuitive art pictures and my husband Michael has his own Contemplative Art Website www.awakeningdreams.com  with over a hundred paintings and moving spiritual verse for some of them . We both love Spiritually uplifting Artwork  and we happily  explored Nan Sea Loves website and her beautiful paintings and read all the inspiring stories of the Prosperity Angel . The Angel close up had so much more in it and  was so beautiful . I then quickly contacted Nan Sea Love on facebook to request her ro add me as a friend and she replied asking  me to please add her name and website details to my sharing of her artwork on facebook , which by coincidence just the night before I had already started doing as I wanted to do this now and so then  I realised I had already got this on the inner from her in advance . Website page for The Prosperity Angel painting and details  http://www.nansealove.com/prosperity.html 

So  today I read the story by Nan Sea Love that she posted on her Nan SEA Love facebook page and I realised the Prosperity Angel has created a big miracle for us both, as in how I was guided to put her picture on my event  which is for healing you with Money and creating Money Miracles. And Nan Sea Love has written a beautiful story about how our lives connected on facebook to give her something special again from her Prosperity Angel , her faith in herself and the Angel and to regain her prosperity consciousness once again . To read it here is the link ,The Prosperity Angel—Why I have felt like a phony for the last five years I feel this is a big confirmation for me of my Gold Prosperity Coin~ Healing Money Event that it is really really doing wonderful things for others even Nan Sea Love that wasn't  even attending it. So now I feel renewed trust in my Soul Energy Healing and my Divine Angel Readings and that what I do makes a difference and I am following my guidance and that my finances can improve also. That I have written all of this in so much detail is saying how much this has touched me and been so inspiring and miraculous. I hope there is a gift in this too for you and the Prosperity Angel is working her magic with you too. Giving from the heart unconditionally is her message.

 I give thanks to the Divine within me guiding me every day in all that I do and for guiding me to find Nan Sea Love , thankyou thankyou thankyou . In the last week I got inspired to create a Soul Energy Healing Group to take over from my Healing monthly Draw Events so that people can stay in it continously and much  less work for me entering people all the time and within a week we have over 60 people and we have had alot of Energy Clearing and Healing  we have been facilitating for a week now with one woman saying her energy and happiness is now much better after a long period  of negativity. It was a big step for me to create a group and alot of work but all good and enjoyable and very rewarding. All of this after a few weeks of the Prosperity event running resolving my issue with my monthly event and what to do to make it easier and better for all . All inspired by Angels surrouding me and my healing work and my willingness to trust and follow and create Miracles and Magic ! By the way on Nan Sea's  website you can buy a poster size or cards or large prints of the Prosperity Angel and read stories of her , wow I would love to have this Angel poster in my private Healing~Reading room. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? How lucky are we now!   And a big thankyou to Nan Sea Love and thankyou to her Prosperity Angel . You can talk to  this Angel and look at her picture to help you financially and see what happens. Make sure you share your story of her too with Nan Sea Love and here too !

Should you wish to receive a Prosperity Gold Coin I have now made it available from my website where after making a Paypal donation you may be sent one . http://www.rainbowhealings.com/prosperitygoldcoin.html

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Part of the Prosperity Angel painting by Nan Sea Love.

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