Saturday, September 8, 2012

Most Benevolent Outcomes ~ New Facebook Page

Hi for all those into saying Most Benevolent Outcomes here is my new facebook page I have just created for  all those who love 'Most Benevolent Outcomes' and creating "Benevolent Magic" and Divine Miracles in your life! On this page I write and post Most Benevolent Outcomes and Living Prayers and share resources on MBO's. You are very welcome to come join this page and post and share on them also, just  Click this LINK >   Most Benevolent Outcomes

Request Most Benevolent Outcomes Daily and see how your life can change! You say them to your Guardian Angel for yourself only and Benevolent Prayers for other people . The protocol is "Guardian Angel , I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for [what it is you want ], thankyou" ... Say them outloud or write them down there is no limit to the amount of times you can say them for anything at all. YOU only need to say them once for a specific request .

A Benevolent Prayer is one you say for someone else and Tom T Moore's protocol for this is ' I ask any and all Beings to a  Most Benevolent Outcome for ........thankyou .

Saying MBO's brings us closer to the Angelic higher realms as we work with our Guardian Angel to cocreate our life!

For more information about Most Benevolent Outcomes visit Tom T Moore's website and his great blog with weekly newsletters of  Most Benevolent Outcomes from lots of people or look him up on Facebook >

This webpage has all the info on  Most Benevolent Outcomes for easily reading up and learning about them and all Tom T Moore's info too !!!!

And for a ebook pdf by Robert Shapiro who brought  Most Benevolent Outcomes out to the public to start with , here is the link to his website

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