Friday, January 25, 2013

Today's ~ AngelSpeaking~ Healing Angel Messages

 As you breathe and let go and breathe and let go now, 
inhale and exhale, you are achieving much. 
Breath is life, it is the incoming and outgoing of 
the flow of LIFE, we hold on,  
we let go all through our breath, we release our
 emotions as energy of all we have experienced until 
we are empty and ready to breathe in LIFE again...
HA breathing of ho'oponopono is very cleansing and 
purifying of all data you have accumulated...

We Angels love your breathing in and out because 
when this stops you come with us to the next world 
awaiting you and this LIFE you have comes to an end...
However all you have gained from your experiences 
comes with you and serves you in your next existence..
          So breathe and enjoy LIFE !!! 
                                              with Love your Divine Angels ♥


Some info on the Ha breathing mentioned above
  Ha Breathing ~ Dr. Len also states in a recording that just the "Ha" breathing can cure depression. Breath in while counting to 10 (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10), but just as fast as you normally count, no need to go slow unless you want to. Then hold your breath in for a count of 10. Then let out your breath for a count of 10 (even happily sighing or "haaaa" if you want). Do this 10 times or however long you'd like. It's a beautiful thing! if the number 7 suits you count to 7 and do 7 cycles !

Spiritual Consultant at Rainbow Healings

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