Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Golden Key

As you read this below simply imagine it and do this like a spiritual exercise, clearing as you contemplate on what you want and why and then go further into this and imagine this door opening after you pull your Golden Key out of your pocket where it always was and then look and see what you experience on the other side of the door!


It is clear to us now that ALL is Perfect and Divine As it IS and ALL IS WELL. 
What do you want now? Do you want freedom? Do you want money?
Do you want Love ? Do you want to be happy? 
Decide what it is you want now in this moment and then allow this in to your reality. 

This is what you can clean and clear within you all that won't allow this to exist for you. 
If you want love  release all that would block the love, if you want money clear and remove all that disallows the money in your life. 

All exists for you right now and can be flowing into your reality in this moment. 
Love all that blocks your way forward into more light joy happiness and abundance. 
Love is the Golden Key to unlock the door. 

So insert the Golden Key now and open the Door to all within you, all the riches awaiting you now.

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