Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Angelspeaking ~ Healing Angel Messages : READING for APRIL

 Healing Angel Messages READING for ALL for the Month of APRIL: 

For the month of April the energy is building towards something very different than we have experienced before. So gear up for new experiences and adventures, set sail for distant shores. The world is shifting gears and you will be able to go up to a higher speed than before, vibrationally.

YOU will need to declutter even more mentally emotionally and physically and welcome in the new. Change is happening and it is what you have actually been calling forth into your life, so welcome it in and make it your friend. Look around for what is beckoning you and go towards it and you will find many joys and treasures. New energy that was blocked before is coming through to you now as you are freer than you have been before.

If you are reading this you can now receive a healing Blessing in your life of something that has been causing you stress. As you read this let it in as we are sending it to you now from the spiritual and angel realms. We are coming through SoulErika as she is listening to US and letting US speak to you.

We love you and we are always with you, look for signs WE exist and are real. One of our signs WE will show you so you know WE are really speaking to you will be seeing beautiful birds more than usual popping up in your life.

Some may not be aware of these birds so do not think WE are neglecting to give you a sign as you do need to stay aware and be open to these signs from heaven. So if not birds then special feathers will be our sign to you .

Heaven is here and now and not up there, so open to more Heavenly love that is always with you whether you are in the physical plane or not. 

Love to you ALL and until next time WE communicate, 
Love and Blessings from US, Higher Angelic Beings.

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  1. I am commenting on my own post !!! This month I have seen so many beautiful birds and lots of feathers in special ways as a bookmark sent to me, on paintings , physical feathers too. I have had weeks of this since I channelled this months April Angel Reading !!!!


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