Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clearing you with Your Business and MONEY

This is a recording I have made with  some  Clearings that I received via Access Consciousness for clearing you with your Business and also your relationship with MONEY . Whatever the form your Business takes, whatever you are doing each day is your business activity and whether you earn money or just do do this as your work for free !!! 

I have added some inspired clearings also that came in while I did this recording. Some clearings are referencing questions from the How to Become Money workbook by Gary Douglas.  Listening to these clearings repeatedly will give you the best outcome.  So enjoy and please share anything from your experience with this recording as a gift back to me via the comments below thankyou.

Erika L Soul

Create Personal High Energy in Your Life!

Hi all, this is a wonderful software product for transforming your water into a high energy drink with transformative powers. This was my first introduction to Peter Schenk's water charging products and because of my experience with Navitus I quickly bought Aquaware 3 and now we have Aquaware 4, I have helped many people with this water as I can charge anyones water anywhere in the world. Yes there are many other ways of charging water and I can actually do this myself with water energy dowsing and my other products and tools I have. I had so much energy after drinking this Navitus water on the first day I know how good it is. I still use Navitus even with my Aquaware program, it is quick easy and I can charge my shower water, bathwater and water bottles etc etc etc with it within a few mins. Well I am not selling this to you just sharing about how good it is.  I am so happy it is free for anyone to download and it is Peter Schenk's only free water software program. 

Read up on this product via the link below and then download it simply via the link below and read the instructions and then off you go, have fun charging any body of water anywhere in the world. This product will clear all bad stuff from the water and make the water High Energy water that also transforms you as you drink it.  Well what have you got to lose nothing !!!! 
thankyou Erika L Soul

Create Personal High Energy in Your Life!

Empower Yourself to Reach New Heights of Personal Physical Energy and Productivity Never before Conceivable

for all the details of this great free product visit this webpage   http://www.moderndaymystic.com/product/navitus-2/

Modern day mystic Peter Schenk

BONUS: The New Navitus High Energy Software Download

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