Sunday, November 29, 2015

Changing your Past and Future Reality

This morning I jumped in the car and thought I want something exciting and new to listen to on my drive so I opened my SoundCloud app and this is what I immediately found..
This a special one for changing your future and even your past. Its a special exercise Shannon O'Hara who is an Access Consciousness facilitator takes you through and its approx 28 mins long. Just what I was after something big and life changing.... This was an instant granting of my wish don't you love it the way the Universe and you can cocreate instantly sometimes what you are asking for, not always but enough times for you to go OH WOW that was FAST !!!!!

Enjoy and God Bless

Erika L Soul 


Here is the Link to listen to this track online in your browser and you can find it on your soundcloud app by searching for Shannon O'Hara.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Angel of the Sacred Heart of Action

November is the month of warmth and The SUN. Now you can bring in the LIGHT through sunshine, brightness, allowing it to melt your heart. This diamond LIGHT Ray of the SUN is eternal and Always there shining upon you, even above the dark clouds blocking the Sunshine.
We are going to be opening up your Heart to more JOY LOVE and BLISS this month. Expect heart openings, heart healings, releasing old pain and memories that closed your heart and expect more Love to come in now. This will enable you to feel and give more LOVE, kindness and Compassion to all those around you. 

So now be still and let your heart receive this Gift of Healing for your Heart, allow this Angelic Healing to come into your heart right now. This is a Heart Activation preparing you for the next level you are moving to very soon. We are transmitting it to you now as you give U.S.Angels your permission. Expect Miracles and Gifts of the Heart to come to you this month as a result of this Heart Activation. If you see a Golden Heart this is our Calling Card and validation you have received this Heart Activation. You may also feel some Healing when you see or receive this Golden Heart. It is a sign you are becoming The Golden Heart. 

If you get a Golden Heart and The Sun symbol together this is an extra Blessing for you and a powerful healing !!! the Sun will show itself to you this month and give you its Rays of LIFE to bring you warmth, affection, abundance, healing and joy !!! Abundance is coming into your life in wonderful ways this month to Bless you and is another sign of The Sun blessing your life. See how your dreams reflect this months Heart Opening and Healing. This will also be healing your physical heart ...and your health as a result will improve.

We Love YOU very much and are always with YOU, as you wish for our presence we are there touching you and bringing you into more Truth, Wisdom and LoveLightening of your Journey through LIFE this month is being granted to you. See how this comes about for you through releasing old worn out things, places, people that you are ready to release and see what comes to you in its place.

                                                Angel of Eternal Light

IN LOVE, JOY, and Happiness we Reside Always,

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