Saturday, December 26, 2015



I REQUEST A MOST BENEVOLENT OUTCOME  for all that I have experienced over the last YEAR OF 2015. ♥  I ask that all that's been going on within me over THIS PAST YEAR... for all data, memories replaying within me, that I share in common with anyone or anything be all transmuted into pure Divine Love RIGHT NOW.

♥  I request a MBO for all of the situations, issues, and problems that  I experienced  in any moment of 2015 are now  Divinely Resolved with creativity LOVE and JOY and resourcefulness, surrendering everything up to the Divine and for having followed my inner guidance wonderfully and divinely, thankyou God.  

♥  I request a MBO for this PAST YEAR OF 2015 FOR all discordant energies, non-beneficial frequencies, disharmony, negative thoughts and emotions and any negative energetic patterns to be all transmuted & transformed into Divine Love, Freedom, Prosperity, Joy, resulting in Most Benevolent Outcomes for me and for ALL, and for all that I take on from anyone anytime anywhere be instantly let go of and handed up in each and every moment of this coming week♥ 

♥  I request a MBO that I was actually Loving Me in each moment of this past YEAR of 2015 with I LOVE YOU replaying within me in all my moments of this past year, Loving me divinely ♥  
♥ I request a MBO that I Am now IN the Flow and Harmony with all of LIFE, happy and trusting, full of pure Love and Joy in each and every moment of this PAST YEAR. 

♥  I ask that I HAVE NOW fully Embraced & Blessed, Loved and Released all emotions I experienced and that I have let go of any judgement of what they were i.e. negative emotions of this and that name, and for all of the story attached to them is now transcended and detached completely in each and every moment of this past year thankyou God.

I ask that I fully release the whole year and that I now let go of all judgements of what I did experience and what I did do and did not do. and to release all judgement of myself and my year now completely thankyou God. ♥  

♥ I request a MBO for my whole past year the whole movie I starred in to be now filled with pure Divine Love and Gods Grace thankyou God. ♥

♥ I ASK FOR A MBO FOR FULLY appreciating with Love and Gratitude all of my past year that I experienced for all that occurred for everything I thought felt and did and for seeing it all through the eyes of the Divine ♥

♥ May all of these Outcomes be even Better than I could hope for, imagine or expect, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. AND IS SO, AND IT IS DONE ☆★ ☆ 

 ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★, ★,★,★,

☆ Say outloud at least once for the full effect and say it within you, really feel this as an experience occuring for you in your self and your life !!!

☆ MBO created by Erika L Soul 

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