Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Situation Will Improve

Angelspeaking ~ Healing Angel Messages 

Something in your LIFE is Improving Right NOW !!
You have allowed this by Letting Go
 and So IT IS Happening NOW !!!
Allow All To BE as it IS and Pause and Be quiet and Still,
Allowing All and Being the Isness you truly Be.
Now with your foot off Control watch everything Move into the Place
IT wants to be, flowing Freely and Happy to Be,
Now watch as Blessings Flow In as you OPEN the DOOR 
 that is a doorway to the Infinite and to your Very Essence !
Watch as Things in your LIFE IMPROVE NOW
Dolphins will be the SIGN this is happening Now and they will come to you in
 some special way so you know and Trust in this Improvement.


 This card is from the Angel Answers Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  To get this deck sent to you with free shipping click Here *Angel Answers*

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Here is the first shared recordings of my NEW series of *TRAVELLING INSPIRATIONS* Healing Sessions audio recordings BY ERIKA L SOUL. Each one has a different focus. As these are made while I drive or am a passenger they are inspired Healing Sessions I record when I am driving saying them outloud and I put on the recorder so I get to listen to them again. I suggest listening while you are driving as then the background car and road noise is not noticeable. So it may be best to listen without headphones on your music player or with headphones when there is other noise around. I would love to know what you experience and how you enjoy them, thankyou. 

The first Recording on this Soundcloud player here is New Beginnings to a New LIFE. THIS is a shorter recording and takes you out of old stuck energies into a higher Consciousness and a New LIFE. Watch for occurences after listening to this, write down and record what Divine Spirit brings to you as new awareness, waking dreams, gifts and blessings. See what changes in you and your LIFE.

The next one of this series *TRAVELLING INSPIRATIONS* Healing Sessions audio recordings BY ERIKA L SOUL is one for Happiness and listening to it often will help to increase your levels of happiness and unwind and release all unhappy energies and memories locked within you. It has many Energy processes that will assist you to have a fantastic HAPPY YEAR !!! Included is Theta Healing and Soul Energy Healing and Divine Healing Transmissions . 
See How Happy you can Be as you listen to it daily and watch it increase your Joy Happiness Bliss levels exponientally. 

Link to listen to *Happiness Download* and right click to save as * *

Erika L Soul ~ Rainbow Healings

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Here is a special New Year U.S.Angels reading to usher in the New Year. We are ready and prepared for this New Year of 2016 to bring you much more than you have ever imagined you could receive. So open your hearts now to receive these Gifts and Blessings we have for you now. As you open to receive you are standing before a new door. As you enter this NEW Door you leave behind the old room the old you the old consciousness and you put your hand on the door and it opens and there awaiting you is the Gifts and Blessings of this New Year. You now enter a much higher state of consciousness where you can give and receive more, love more, enjoy more, create more, and be more of YOU.

We are so happy and rejoicing in this Transition for each one of YOU choosing this right now to be your Experience, we stand and applaud your choice to go through this DOOR even without knowing what awaits, standing and walking into this New Room you can now discover what a wonderful LIFE It is. Gifts are on the table, Blessings come to you as you stand and allow all to come into you Now, we are here holding the space for each one of you reading this at anytime to enter this new realm. We love you to grow and become more of YOU, More Happy, More Loving and KIND as we see your potential and know it can be realised within you. So now discover this bigger Room, walk around and see the images and furnishings on the walls. See who is there welcoming you, let yourself be free and happy to explore and play in this room for as long as you like. We are with you and can assist you anytime you come to revisit this room. Now look and see what Gifts and New Blessings are on the table waiting for you to receive them and let these Gifts and Blessings fulfill all your dreams and wishes as you partake of them. 

Be happy as now you can realise what it is that you so desire as this new Room is a space where you can create anything your heart desires. What do you desire for yourself now??? Write down your list of fifty to a hundred things you wish to be do and have this year and let your ideas just come of what you might want in your year and then put it in a special box or envelope and know it is in Gods hands and is manifesting wonderfully for you this year. At the end of the Year of 2016 you can open it and tick off everything that you did experience and receive and do. It can be anything. 

So this Year we are calling this year *The TiME is Now to LIVE Be and Do all that your Heart Desires* If you desire it we will be supporting each of one you in this each month by being with you and loving you and also via these US Angels Readings. Receive in Grace these Divine Transmissions as we love to convey to you so much that is more than your physical existence. Embrace all of this Year with open arms all of the good things, and the unwanted things that come into your experience as they are all your creations so simply Love Them all and let them Go and then see what else you want to Create. Live in JOY and God Bless each one of YOU. 

IN LOVE, JOY, and Happiness we Reside Always,

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