Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Erika L Soul *Divine Money Flows* on The Wellness Show

888 DIVINE MONEY FLOWS with Erika L Soul

Ok so for Part 2 of my being on Tyhson Banighen's *The Wellness Show* we have now facilitated a wonderful Divine Money Flows session for all where we focus on Money Prosperity and Wealth. Everytime you watch this show with me and Tyhson you will experience money shifts and positive changes in your finances and freedom from fear around money. So Enjoy and God Bless and I am happy for you to share this video and the links anywhere and to anyone you feel will love receiving Prosperity Blessings and Abundance.

Link for

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dowsing to change your life: List for Daily Dowsing

Here is a whole list of dowsing items via the link below from Alan's blog Dowsing to Change your LIFE. If you know how to dowse you can go down the list dowsing each item or state each one outloud as a powerful intention and it is done. If would like all of this dowsed for you, your home and family  then simply send me request with your name and details together with a donation and I will email you when it's facilitated and give you some feedback. 

Dowsing to change your life: List for Daily Dowsing: Good Day to all here via this link is a list compiled for daily use, if you are currently going through a difficult patch in your life then please dowse all ...

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Erika L Soul on The Wellness Show

Hi to all my Blog subscriders and readers, Here is a video Part 1 of my being a guest on the Wellness Show with Tyhson Banighen, an Energy dowser also and creator of the Deep Pendulum Clearing protocol and much more. Its a half hour show and the talk is on Following your Inner Guidance, so see if this interests you to watch. All the links are below also. It's my first time being guest on a show online so I am happy to be seen and not just heard on all my audio Healing recordings available from my website and on Soundcloud as Erika L Soul.

Interview with Tyhson Banighen on The Wellness Show podcast aired 4:30 AM PDT Wednesday July 13th.
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