Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Divine Inspirations for ALL


Everything we create we can uncreate, whether good or bad, liked or unliked, we have the power to do this as we created it in the first place. Its a choice destroy or create something. However nothing is ever destroyed only changed into another form or energy. Everything is here and now. The power is always in us. Uncreate discreate something in ourselves and our reality changes forthwith. 

We affect everything around us because it is all us. So again if we perceive something unpleasant to us, we can choose again another choice with a different outcome as its a smorgasboard of choices and outcomes each one different and not right or wrong good or bad, just experience teaching us each time something different. Teaching us more about who and what we are in truth. 

So go forward in your life fearlessly as its all an adventure in Creation with us as the co-creators of our reality our destiny, with the Divine in us giving birth to our truths we believe are real.

inspired by the Divine within Erika L Soul

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