Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Here is a Miracle Healing just for YOU!!!
Do you have a Miracle request ? One that you have asked for and are waiting for to happen, if not think of one right now that would delight you. As you completely release what you are wanting a Miracle for to God the quicker it will be realised.
In Truth the Miracle Healing has already occurred. The Miracle Healing is one of many different outcomes available to you. As you choose with your thoughts emotions and intentions to experience the most Divine Benevolent Outcome so It IS. Have faith and gratitude to access your healing Miracle.
So right now say to the Divine within, " I am letting go and Letting God. I hand this entirely up to YOU and I am allowing YOU God to resolve IT, Thankyou so much for this Healing Miracle as It is Thy Will BE DONE, thankyou God."
Imagine you have placed it in Gods hands entirely. 
Fill yourself with Gratitude and Open to a Miracle of GOD
From my New Facebook Page: JoyFul Blissful Miracles

This card is from the "Healing with the Fairies: Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

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