Friday, September 9, 2016

Balancing Your Brain with Erika L Soul on The Wellness Show Episode 68


Here I am on The Wellness Show for Part 3 with Tyhson Banighen and the focus is on Brain Balance Healing with my Brain Balance Healing Dowsing protocol. So get ready to receive some great Energy dowsing of a wonderful list of items for healing and improving your brains function and happiness, giving you a new super-Brain. 
I will also share about how I utilise this protocol also as a great SRC cocktail in my SC4U program with many people signed up receiving it frequently.And by simply watching the video anytime and listening you will receive this protocol dowsed for you, as I have sent dowsing of Brain Balance throughout the whole video so if you are aware you can agree to receive this healing.

For all information and the New Revised Brain Balance Dowsing Protocol you can download the word file from this link:

To watch this Episode on the Wellness Show click this link thankyou :

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