Sunday, March 5, 2017


💛 March is a month for great things. What once was here is now gone. So let Go, and Let God. Embrace the new, and welcome in new beginnings. Yes is your word this month to use often, Yes to Life, Yes to opportunities, Yes to invitations, Yes to your good. Let yes be a way for you to let Life dance with you.

 💙 What have you been shouting no at and resisting so much ??? As you give such a big energetic NO it still comes to you but with you not being empowered in what you are choosing in your life experience. So change to what you want to say YES to instead, Yes to more Love, Yes to money coming to you, Yes to what you desire.

💖 In this months Energy transmission from us Divine Angels is a new Energy we haven't given you before, this one is a higher level and a different energy, that will have a different effect upon you. The effect is a rippling energy that bubbles and moves in ripples, in waves of motion and that cause this expansion within you. As you say YES you are receiving it through this Group Reading. It dissolves the barriers you have to what you want and lets you dance in  your Vortex. Yes we know of the Vortex of course as a Vortex is what you and we are all in. A Vortex of Energy you dance within during your life. And you can make this Vortex a higher vibration or a lower one, so the Vortex either spirals upwards or downwards. So as you say I am dancing in my Vortex and spiralling up and out you are expanding and going higher and when your negative thoughts and feelings get a hold of your vibration you spiral down and contract your Energy. So in truth when you say I GOT INTO MY VORTEX you are already in a Vortex but now you are going upwards and in a Vortex of positive loving energies.

 💗 We are sharing a new Gift this month, for each one of you it will come who is saying YES !!! This Gift is a Gift from the Divine and is divinely chosen for each of you, when you receive it you will just know this is your Gift. This Divine Gift will be a Miracle Gift and one you could not have orchestrated on your own as it will be one that is beyond your limitations and it will show you what is truly possible for you to receive and have in your life. Say YES NOW !!!

 💛 Get ready for a Merry month of March with much merriment and Joy that you experience. Waves of Bliss Joy and Happiness are going to be sent to you throughout this month. Each time you feel this Wave of Bliss know we are here and activating this for you to experience this Energy more and more. Do you say Yes to this ??? YES YES YES !!!!!

 💚 OUR sign for you this month of our Presence and a Healing symbol for you from U.S. Angels is Beautiful bouquets of flowers that really dazzle and delight you. These flowers carry healing vibrations and are perfectly meant for you.

 💙 Until next months Divine Angels Reading for All, enjoy this healing Angel Reading over and over as it will bring forth more Blessings each time your read it. Until then in Love Joy Bliss we Dwell.

✿ DIVINE ANGELS ✿♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿

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