Monday, June 5, 2017


 💚 What is waiting in your LIFE to Be Born this month, what is gestating and awaiting deliverance. Are you nurturing this with your love and imagination. New life, new awakenings, new gifts and talents emerging being birthed in the world, New ideas, new vistas. What is beckoning you that is on the horizon. Are you ready to birth something new? Right now close your eyes, and see this new seed growing and being born, taking root and establishing itself in your life, feel the possibilities of what it is and give it your Loving Embrace. Feel this new LIFE force coming through you and being BORN...Take note of anything symbolising this in your reality in a movie, a picture, a baby being born, as this will be your sign this is occuring for you and you are birthing something wonderful and new wanting to come into this world.

💚 Lets give this month extra Divine Energy, a boost to your energy, an Upgrade, a quantum shift into a higher level of consciousness, new truth and information, a divine transmission as it comes in right now feel your Energy surge as you receive it, feel more alive and full of new energy, feel your brain being upgraded, rewired, feel your whole nervous system relax and be calmed so that it now is on a new higher vibration, feel the cells in your body be cleared of negative emotions and old dross, feel the cells and atoms in your body quicken and be boosted with new dna life force energy. You will each receive what your whole being requires in this physical life you are living, each person will receive an individual Quickening. Notice during the month as you feel this Shift in your being and mind taking place.

💙 What we are going to reveal to you this month is our Presence, raising your Awareness so that you can perceive U.S. Angels, spiritual Masters & Teachers. You may notice US in little ways speaking to you or our Loving presence embracing you, it may be in images cards or dreams you see US, or you may hear US speaking to you. Be open to increasing your ability to being able to experience our Divine Presence in a more pronounce way.

💜 The Healing Sign of Transformation and your Upliftment for each of you this month is a Healing Song, a song that opens your heart that gifts you love that shifts you into Blissful Beingness. This song may be one you hear someone sing, or one you hear in a dream or just comes into your head, or one you hear in a inner experience like a dream or meditation. It will come in a divine way just for you.

💛 Until next months U.S. Angels Group Reading enjoy this Reading over and over as it will bring forth more Blessings each time your read it. Until then in Love Joy Bliss we Dwell.

💗 ✿ U.S. ANGELS ✿♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿


  1. That was beautiful Erika. Thank you.

  2. Awesome! Thanks U.S. Angels and Erika. When this came out I was having a song played over and over in my head. So I looked up the words. Words just for me. The U.S. Angels are starting to give me the signs ahead of time and then you post it Erika. So Cool! Love and Light, Marion

  3. time is a funny thing, our soul knows ahead of time because time doesn't exist on the soul level and it just knows !!!! Remarkable you got your healing song beforehand. I got send a Healing Cd a few days after this, all divinely orchestrated.


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