Thursday, April 12, 2018


 ♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ U.S. ANGELS GROUP READING   💜💛💚💙💘💗💖💕💝💞🌼🌟🌟🌞

 🌟What is awaiting us all this month you may well ask. Some of you are asking yourselves some tough questions that require facing some truths and we know that you can do this and arise once more the Spiritual Warrior you truly be.
U.S.Angels are with you to support you on your journey home to Truth and Love. Sometimes you may feel lost in confusion mind fog illusions for a while however eventually a glimmer of the real truth shines through the cracks and the Light illumines and reveals to you the Way Home to Divine Consciousness. What once was is no longer and that is what needs to be accepted so often you struggle and resist changes which occur all the time and this only causes you to lose much energy going against the flow and harmony of Life. We are bringing forward now an easier way for you to harmonise yourselves and flow with Life.

🌟Be still in this moment and allow US to shift you into more Harmony and Truth, as you simply breathe in and out in and out we are giving you a Quickening, and only if you are in total agreement with receiving this will you do so. Feel your heartbeat change its rhythm and beat more in tune with Life, allow your brainwaves to come to a new frequency now also. Can you feel this Energy now within your Being it is an Upgrade, shifting your very vibration to one of more Harmony, Allowance, Love and Balance. It will be easier now for you to harmonise in any surroundings and feel yourself at home always anywhere you be. Dancing to the Rhythm of LIFE 🌟

🌟 This month you are being shown something special, a real treat, something of a divine nature, you will feel like you are seeing through the Looking Glass, a revelation of what is beyond the veil that will awaken and delight you.🌟

🌞 Your Gift and Blessing that is coming to you this month is something you could never normally afford or you would think is beyond your financial reality, so this gift is something given to you that so amazes and delights you and shifts you out of your limitations of what is possible for you to receive.🌟

 🌟Our sign that we are with you always this month as close as your breath is a GOLDEN WINGED ANGEL as a sign of our U.S. Angels Presence. Enjoy this Blessing from US Angels.🌟

🌟Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.🌞

✿ U.S. ANGELS ✿♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿


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