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Transformational Healing Readings: 
Healing Angel Messages ~ Medical Intuitive~ Channelled Messages ~ ORB's~ Tarot ~Intutive Palm *Medium Spirit~Oracle Cards~Aura and Energy * Life * 

Your Session can be on: Relationships,  Love life ~ Work- Career- Money ~ Children ~ Family ~ Health ~ Life Purpose / Spiritual Direction ~ Problems / Conflicts~ Spiritual Development~Your Life 

As a practitioner of Theta healing, Divine Angel Readings are a blend of Soulerika's many skills. She weaves between  Oracle cards,Healing Stories, Aura and Energy reading, Divine guidance and healing messages for you. SoulErika is a Healing Heart Angel, a Spiritual Reader and shines a Light to show you the way so that you can regain your happiness and find your direction. Erika L Soul gives intuitive insightful readings, Divinely inspired for each person's needs. She combines her many gifts, training and experience with Divine guidance and unconditional Love, and beautiful  Oracle cards. Erika L Soul is a healing channel of Loving Divine energies and gives healing Angel readings. Joy, Openness and Love are her keys to connecting with the Angelic and Spiritual realm. She loves being  a Healing Heart Angel, one of many  serving humanity. SoulErika has the ability to communicate the messages and teachings of Divine Beings, receiving guidance and messages from those of other dimensions of existence to people open to receiving this in a reading . One of her gifts is having the ability to share these higher teachings with others. SoulErika simply speaks the words that are needed in the moment. As an Angel Channelling Guide she continually works on fine tuning this gift and Meditates, listens and follow the guidance she receives.

Soulerika gives Readings tailored to each person needs in that moment and  has many ways of giving a reading to suit that person and their enquiry, it may be a tarot reading , a palm reading , a spiritual reading or energy reading that you receive ,if there is a style you prefer you can request this. Each reading becomes an open door for you to walk through if you choose to another level of understanding yourself and your situation or issue. The readings can be transformational for you as each minute you receive all that you require to transform yourself and your life. Soulerika is a conduit for the frequencies for this to occur and holds the space for you to receive what you require to fulfill your needs. Much goes on in a session that is beyond what is physically occuring and being said that is an energetic transmission that you receive if you are open to it and this can then be accessed by you at any time in the future as knowledge knowingness truth answers etc.There is no set reading or way it will occur as each reading is only about you and what you require at that time . SoulErika will be whatever it is you are needing at that time  to facilitate your session so she can be a totally different Healing Angel Reader for each person using different reading styles and ways of conducting a session just for you to fit your vibration and needs. If you contemplate on your Healing Reading session beforehand asking for what you want from it and what you want to know the Universe will conspire to deliver this to you in your Reading session.

DIVINE ANGEL READINGS~ in Person Private Readings are either in person in Erika's private Reading room in Bayswater Nth Melbourne. A full Transformational Healing Reading is $140 for approx 1hr to 1hr 30mins.Or you can pay an hourly rate for the length of  your reading , rate is $100 per hour, so 30mins is $50, 45mins - $75. To book a reading call 0397294972 or 0411798393 or email by clicking here>


Call MY very busy Phone Helpline to receive Divine healing Assistance , encouragement and Love, Receive Positive Support, Divine Guidance. Receive Healing messages from the Angels, Spiritual Counselling and Healing Energy via my Transformational Healing Readings*.
To book a Healing Angel Reading call 0397294972 or email , times are flexible. Payment is  via Paypal ( instant payments) or internet banking (takes 1-2days).  Phone Readings are  prepaid in advance. You can choose to have a healing Transformational Reading at a One price set rate of $140 for 1hr to 1hr 30mins total time or you can choose to pay $2 per minute and choose the length of time you want to pay for and prepay this amount via paypal thankyou.

TASTER* FIRST TIME READINGS* 15mins for $20!!!
If you are a first time client you can request to receive a 15 min reading for only $20, this is if you haven't had a session before with Erika L Soul. Your Reading can be in person or by phone or Skype. If you wish to extend the Reading session past 15 mins then my full rates apply ( readings $2 per min)

SKYPE readings by phone or chat are now available and can be booked in very easily. Same phone rate and prepay.  skype id is erika.l.soul .

Group Readings ; Party Bookings

Divine Angel Readings for private home parties, private and public functions, engagement, weddings & hens nites, expos, clubs, swinburne/tafe colleges, schools, work/corporate functions, Spiritual and psychic festivals, open house days, community groups. *Call for a quote on 03 97294972, fee is by hourly rate of $120 or per reading. Each Reading is either 10mins or 15mins depending on how many people wish to have a reading. A 10min reading is $20 and 15 mins is $30, the rate is $10 per 5mins.

Rainbow Healings


Healing with the Angels
The Power and Energy of the All
Healing within a loving Vortex of Energy
Dynamic Healing at the Soul level
Experience Healing Miracles
Awaken and Heal Your Life
Transformational Healings

Soul Energy Healing is  Transformational Healing that works on all levels of your being. Each session is a Creative journey  for you  with SoulErika, yourself , your spiritual helpers and guided by the Divine .  Move into higher states of consciousness easily and divinely by loving, accepting and releasing the load that you are carrying.  We do this the happy gentle Way. In this Spiritual healing session we will use various healing modalities to Clear your mind~body~spirit of negative energy,beliefs,blocks and emotional baggage. Experience an improvement in yourself and your life by Releasing the past.

Healing techniques that may be used in your session are: Theta healing, Zpoint, BSFF, The Sedona method, Abundance of Light Healing , Energy medicine, Ho'oponopono, Sacred G, Vibrational Healing and many more in the abundant healing toolkit Erika has .A divine recipe for you is created with healing processes that work well with your state of consciousness.Before your session take note of any issues that surface or any happenings. As well reflect on what you may want to release transform or experience and bring this with you. Your session starts from the moment you are booked in with   SoulErika...After the session your new journey begins and feel free to call or email Erika with anything you want to share that's happened  for you. You can have this session in person which is preferable if you can or can be conducted over the phone. A session usually is 1hr to 1 hr 30mins and costs $140

HEALING Sessions with *Divine ANGEL*

For those of you who can attend in person who would love some Soul Energy HEALING on any issue SoulErika is offering Transformational Healing sessions  on Mondays-Saturdays between 10am - 8pm . All Sessions are a fixed rate of $140 and may go from 1 hour to 1 hr 30mins.

To book in contact SoulErika on 0411798393 or 0397294972, or email Soulerika, these sessions are held in SoulErika's private reading~healing room in Bayswater Nth. You can bring a friend or family member with you and both have a session separately and afterwards please feel free to tell anyone you feel would enjoy and benefit from a  Divine Angel healing session. Sessions can be via phone also or skype.

Transformational Journeys  
SoulErika facilitates your divine journey into the higher realms to let go of your problems fears and limitations and move into a higher state of consciousness. The session is done in the higher spiritual realms and is a divine transmission for you of beautiful energy and  healing messages. The difference  to Soul Energy healings  is that these Soul healing journeys are  done in a Theta state while in a higher state of consciousness with eyes closed and connecting deeply to Source. If you feel this is what you want to experience then you are ready.
To book a Transformational Journey healing  session call 0397294972 or email

Manifesting Magnificent Miracles

This session is designed to bring in your desire of what you want to have do or be into manifestation. During the session we will clear all the unwanted energy thoughts beliefs holding you back from your desire until it is now manifesting in your reality.We will use a variety of healing methods and manifesting techniques to do this .Learn how to live and dwell in your Vortex. Become a powerful manifestor of all that you desire to have do or be. Align with the Energy that creates Universes.At the end of the session we do a reading to confirm your future manifestation. During the session divine guidance is used to see into the issues and the causes of the blocks so as to release them from you.
Let go of all limitations and illusions you have and be set free fast. Learn how to let go and let the divine work through you. Be all that you can dream . SoulErika will assist you in this powerful transformation. Learn manifesting techniques simply and easily and use them in your life to cocreate miracles. Watch as your life becomes the Magnificent life you always desired and you become the Masterful Magnificent You that you really are. SoulErika is now taking bookings for these sessions, book yours now if you Wish! COST IS $140  A SESSION

  Distance Energy Healings

Soul Energy Healing Sessions You can also receive a Soul Energy Healing session via distance healing where you email me what's going on for you that you wish some help with and I will do any healing techniques I am guided to do for you, as well as ho'oponopono and I will email you details of your healing session and any guidance that comes through for you and a outcome Reading . Suggested donation is $100, if you want to negotiate this contact me.  ~  I receive in Grace ~ Thankyou ~

Energy clearings/ House energy Healings/Healing from Abuse issues

House and Building Healings if you have a home or place you feel really needs Energy clearing please email me  with your name and the place you want Energy healing for .  If you want assistance clearing out negativity, entities, raising the energy levels and life force of your home or a place you feel really needs it please email or call me on 0397294972.  Energy clearing can be conducted for yourself your family , raising your self esteem, raising your energy levels and clearing all negative influences from you or for a workplace  building , business or organisation or group . Any specific issues you may have can also be cleared. If you or someone else who wants this done has experienced abuse issues, trauma, victimhood, or can't move on from past hurts then we can do a healing clearing on this . I will use different healing tools and processes as I am divinely guided to including Pendulum Energy dowsing, theta healing, ho'oponopono , Soul Energy Healing, SRC4U and Cutting Energy Cords that are detrimental , and much more. There is much  time and healing processes conducted for you and this is excellent value even more than in a session in person so the prices hardly reflect the value of  how much energy clearing and healing assistance you will receive.
You can also have your session in person, however Distance Healings are prepaid :
Energy healing and clearing for yourself or another is $60
Home Energy healing is $60
Healing from Abuse Trauma and for Empowerment is $60
Prosperity Healing for your personal finances is $60
Business Healings re energising your Business is $60.
Self Esteem Self love Self Confidance with Energy healing is $60
Love life or relationships with another is $60
Health Assistance in general or a condition is $60

*Choose the areas you want assistance with and if you wish to have more than one category then for 2 items  it's $100, and if you choose 3 categories its $150.

Suggested Payment

A  Healing Transformational Reading Session including Soul Energy Healing goes for approximately 1 hour to 1hr 30mins and costs $140 . Otherwise the rate is $100 per hour for your reading session for the length of time you choose  . 
In person sessions are paid for at the time of the session in cash or you can book and prepay also via Paypalon my website RainbowHealings
All readings over the phone are prepaid in advance of your reading and are $2per min or you can  have a Transformational Healing Reading Session for $140 by phone.
All money given is graciously received in Love and Appreciation for readings and healing sessions. The amount is a gift given by you, it is an exchange of love and energy of the highest kind. I receive in Grace~Thankyou.

Please Note:If you book in a session with SoulErika and need to change the time or day that is fine simply call prior to your session to rearrange your appt however if you don't call prior to your booked in time and don't show up for any reason and you do want to rebook another session there is an extra charge with a prepaid booking deposit fee of $30 as well as the cost of your session, thankyou.

One Divine Session now for One Price~$140

Payment methods :

- Cash
- Via direct deposit at a Westpac branch or by Internet banking
- By cheque or money order.
- Paypal (credit Card)

Psychic Hotline Readings

Genuine Psychics is a very honourable and caring  hotline that I have been with for about 6 years .To see if I am available check the home page of the site and see if my name Angel is there in the live window for readers and if it says I am available now, you can put in my code 00050 when you call the line to get me. If I am not logged in then you can call 1800222362 (free call) and I will be contacted to log in for to give your a reading if I am available right then or you can be told when I will be available.

All  details and costs are on the website via the link below .Australian rates are $3.96 per minute or $2.50 credit card readings. You can also Pay with Paypal for your reading at $2.50 per min check website link below .

For an immeditate reading  online with SoulErika as Psychic Angel click below:

  *About SoulErika*  

SoulErika's gift is to Uplift and Inspire you so that you can realise your own power to heal your own life. As a Spiritually guided Reader; Soul Energy Healer she is committed to her work and the people she serves. Her warmth, openness, fun and cheerful ways help you to relax and receive Divine Healing energy that transmutes stuck energy and beliefs no longer serving you. All who come to SoulErika are touched by Divine Energy and their Angels, becoming more Open to receiving Love in the Divine presence and energy field channeled.

SoulErika works with the Divine to illuminate your Path so you see the Truth. She creates a healing space for you to release and transform whatever is troubling you . No longer controlled  by your past experiences and in harmony with the Divine you can flow with life and your Divine inspirations. You are more free, guided to what is perfect and right now for you now, one with the Divine at peace in harmony with yourself and your world, Being who YOU really Are.
SoulErika utilises many of the  healing modalities above  into a healing session Divinely guided for each person to suit their needs and vibrations .With Divine Guidance Soulerika will tune into you and then use various ingredients to make the perfect recipe for you from all her wonderful healing techniques . Soulerika  is continually learning divine healing processes, reading wonderful illuminating books and receiving Divine information and guidance from the Universe integrating this into her work.

SoulErika began her spiritual journey at the age of 23  into eastern philosophy, and explored a variety of  spiritual practices over many years before she discovered a spiritual path at age 36 that has propelled her spiritual growth..  Soulerika  practices spiritual exercises regularly to keep up her spiritual strength and awareness. Soulerika teaches what she learns and learns what she teaches. She shares her spiritual knowledge and love with others as a way for her to serve God. Her spiritual study includes soul travelling, dreams, past lives, karma, spiritual masters and more .SoulErika continually evolves into higher levels of understanding spiritual Truths and Divine Love .

~Experience and Qualifications~

Erika L Soul is a certified Angel Intuitive, a fully trained and certified ThetaHealer® practitioner, having completed the Thetahealing (DNA 1 and 2), Thetahealing Advanced and Intuitive Anatomy courses for Thetahealing practioners. Erika is a qualified Welfare worker, professional Mediator since 1987, trained telephone Counsellor (W.I.R.E./ Parents Anonymous), and a Spiritual Counsellor.
SoulErika many years as a professional Mediator, Community worker, trained Telephone counsellor, Angel Intuitive reader, Theta Healing practitioner plus her personal studies and life experiences gained during her life wonderfully combine to assist her clients in whatever way is needed divinely and lovingly.

SoulErika's interests and studies have included: Energy /Spiritual healing, EFT, BSFF, ZPoint, Theta healing, Doreen Virtue Angel therapy, Diana Cooper's work +Orbs, The One Command, Relationship healing and therapies, Numerology, Communication skills, Jo Dunning, Spiritual growth , Tarot, Angel oracle cards, Intuitive Anatomy, Abraham-Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ho'oponopono S.I.T.H., The Sedona Method, Sacred Geometry-Cory Herter, Shell essences, Counselling, Spiritual teachings, cord cutting, The Ringing Cedars of Russia, Eckankar, Afformations, Abundance of Light cord cutting technique, Reference Point Therapy , Dr. David Hawkins, Manifesting, Crystals, Most Benevolent Outcomes, Many different Healing & Hypnosis recordings, Dr.John Grays work, Imago Relationships - Dr. Harville Hendrix, Kiniesiology-Muscle testing, Pendulum Dowsing and Raymon Grace's tecniques and the list goes on !

SoulErika utilises all of her skills, training, experience and knowledge to assist you with Divine guidance. Soulerika has been conducting readings privately and publically for over fifteen years for a a busy psychic line for over 6 years (2003- ) and at the Heart and Soul centre in Upper Ferntree Gully for 3 years til '08, at Tafe/Swinburne Colleges for many years, and the Ringwood and Kilsyth Clubs, plus many more different venues.

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