Sunday, August 5, 2018

US Angels Group Reading August 2018

♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ U.S. ANGELS GROUP READING  AUGUST 2018 💜💛💚💙💘💗💖💕💝💞🌼🌟🌟🌞

☀️ As you breathe in and out it is your soul connecting you into the Life Force flowing through you at all times, when you don't breathe properly you are blocking this Energy and so you will therefore lose Energy and Aliveness. As you allow in the Breath of Life you feel invigorated, as you release it outwardly it is a letting go and letting God, as you inhale you are bringing in new energy and awakening yourself again to feeling LIFE flowing in, it is a cycle that connects you to all of Life. Feel this Healing of your Breathing pattern being gifted to you now, to bring your breathing into a more healthy way of breathing in Life Force and expelling what it has cleansed and purified within you being exhaled fully and completely. Your breathing is now coming into harmony with all of LIFE, and so will all of your cells, your mind body and spirit therefore harmonise and increase your wellbeing.

☀️ This month we are bringing you COURAGE, courage to strengthen you, courage to embolden you, courage to be you, courage to speak truth, courage to live life fully and freely, courage to be different, courage to go on new adventures, courage to embrace change, courage to learn new things, courage to LOVE. We are giving you a COURAGE ATTUNEMENT right now, feel this within your solar plexus, adjusting your energy and bringing you into this frequency and consciousness, awakening you to the Courage you do possess. We will be encouraging you throughout the month to be COURAGEOUS. See how we will show you this word lighting up for you to remind you we are indeed strengthening your ability to be Courageous !!!! With enough Courage you can do and be anything !!!

☀️ Watch for signs this month we will be bringing to you, signs and messages just for you. A bird may bring you a special message that you will understand when it comes. Birds are our messengers as they fly freely and see above and beyond the ordinary world. Watch for special moments with birds of all types, even finding special feathers, or oracle bird cards with a message for you, see what they bring to you as a Gift from Divine Spirit. Joy will be their calling card.

💖 Colour is important as it is a Light vibration your being and body requires, so this month be more colourful, bring colour to those around you, paint, draw, wear bright clothes, brighten up spaces with colour, Be the Artist of your LIFE. Brighten up your world, your mind, your heart. Light Rays will be sent to you to bring the right colour into your being that you require right now. Fill yourself with Light, Golden Healing Light. 

💛 Enjoy some extra socialising this month, accept invitations to gatherings, as wonderful things will occur at them for you and others. New people may enter your life with whom you have a divine appointment, be open to whom we bring you together with for a special exchange.

💜 Our sign of this whole U.S. Angels Group Reading actively working with you and enhancing your life and your very being is a very Colourful Bird specially getting your attention !!!!

☀️ All of these words carry Divine energies to you as you read them and bring in all that you require right now to fully realise them. Every time you read these messages from U.S.Angels it is a divine communion from US to the very essence of YOU. The words are an energetic doorway for you to reach through to transcend all as you step through into a new higher realm of existence.

💛 Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.

✿ U.S. ANGELS ✿♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿




Monday, July 9, 2018

Heavenly STARS

 Healing Angel Story ~

~these words are to uplift and heal you, they carry a very special vibration and within them is the Angels healing energy . Just allow the energy in to cleanse and clear all that's not needed anymore all the old thoughts feelings and memories that weigh you down. Let them now be released transmuted and freed to become energy that can dance and sing and be happy...

Once upon a time far far away was a little child that was looking at the stars and wondering how they got there, who put them there. She asked Mr Moon who was shining brightly how did the stars get in the sky and he said they were there when he was born. 

So then the child thought very hard and said to the Stars where did you come from to be hung up so high for us to see and they answered in unison ' We are made of the Light of God that is shining here to be with you to show you the way to your true home in the heavenly planes of God. 
Oh said the child what a special job you have, yes they replied, "we twinkle and shine hoping to be noticed and admired all night long." 
Oh how wonderful, she said to the Heavenly STARS, I will always look at you every night to see you shining and showing me the way to my heavenly home. Thankyou Stars we are friends forevermore ! And so then she snuggled into her bed to dream of the STARS in the Heavens above........




Listen to these afformations to allow yourself to be do and have all that you desire to be do and have !!!!! Let these afformations take you into feeling your sublime state of beingness. Learn from this recording how to say and state afformations that cause your subconscious to search for why the statement is already true for you and making that what you experience. 
The Afformations concept was created by Noah St John. He has alot of information and many afformations on the internet if you look him up.

Friday, May 11, 2018



This Perfect Weight 35 min audio healing session facilitated by me Erika L Soul has all of the Dowsing for Weight Loss protocol and lots of new additions to support your ideal weight and perfect body !!! Listen daily for maximum benefit until you reach your perfect weight as each session shifts you more and more into Perfect Weight & Wellbeing, happy with yourself and happy with your Body.

To receive the Weight Loss Dowsing Protocol list for your private use only, please email me to request it or visit my Facebook group Soul Energy Healing with Erika L Soul in which it is posted

Listen to Perfect Weight by Erika L Soul

If you wish to give a donation as a thankyou gift you can via


This dowsing for Weight Loss is sourced from Raymon Grace's newsletter article on weight loss, and then I have reworded this for my own Soul Energy Dowsing and added some of my own protocols to the list. For the original dowsing protocols of Raymon Grace's visit:

  Erika L  Soul 

Thursday, April 12, 2018


 ♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ U.S. ANGELS GROUP READING   💜💛💚💙💘💗💖💕💝💞🌼🌟🌟🌞

 🌟What is awaiting us all this month you may well ask. Some of you are asking yourselves some tough questions that require facing some truths and we know that you can do this and arise once more the Spiritual Warrior you truly be.
U.S.Angels are with you to support you on your journey home to Truth and Love. Sometimes you may feel lost in confusion mind fog illusions for a while however eventually a glimmer of the real truth shines through the cracks and the Light illumines and reveals to you the Way Home to Divine Consciousness. What once was is no longer and that is what needs to be accepted so often you struggle and resist changes which occur all the time and this only causes you to lose much energy going against the flow and harmony of Life. We are bringing forward now an easier way for you to harmonise yourselves and flow with Life.

🌟Be still in this moment and allow US to shift you into more Harmony and Truth, as you simply breathe in and out in and out we are giving you a Quickening, and only if you are in total agreement with receiving this will you do so. Feel your heartbeat change its rhythm and beat more in tune with Life, allow your brainwaves to come to a new frequency now also. Can you feel this Energy now within your Being it is an Upgrade, shifting your very vibration to one of more Harmony, Allowance, Love and Balance. It will be easier now for you to harmonise in any surroundings and feel yourself at home always anywhere you be. Dancing to the Rhythm of LIFE 🌟

🌟 This month you are being shown something special, a real treat, something of a divine nature, you will feel like you are seeing through the Looking Glass, a revelation of what is beyond the veil that will awaken and delight you.🌟

🌞 Your Gift and Blessing that is coming to you this month is something you could never normally afford or you would think is beyond your financial reality, so this gift is something given to you that so amazes and delights you and shifts you out of your limitations of what is possible for you to receive.🌟

 🌟Our sign that we are with you always this month as close as your breath is a GOLDEN WINGED ANGEL as a sign of our U.S. Angels Presence. Enjoy this Blessing from US Angels.🌟

🌟Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.🌞

✿ U.S. ANGELS ✿♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿


Sunday, March 11, 2018


♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ U.S. ANGELS GROUP READING MARCH 2018 💜💛💚💙💘💗💖💕💝💞🌼🌟🌟🌞

🌟What is possible for each one of you during this month is reaching an important goal that you have. One that you have held in your heart and longed for. Open up this month to all the Love filling up your goal and lifting it into the highest energy for coming forth into manifestation. Hold it in your heart right now and then release it into the Divine Realm trusting and knowing it will come forth into your Life at the most opportune time. Know as you do this here we are energising this goal you hold so dear to your heart. Be Blessed and Happy as you imagine yourself one with this goal !!!!! 🌟

🌟Healing is a joy to behold, healing energy is coming to you now from within and without healing old stuck memories transmuting all that old dross into Pure Light and Sound of the Divine. Healing Transformational Energy is here being transmitted and you can simply hold the space within you to receive it right now and yes you can ask in your heart for healing of something bothering you or simply allow IT to go to what is perfect and right to be healed now. This Healing Grace comes to you as a Divine Gift that you are ready now to receive. If you feel doubt resistance or negativity as you read this allow the healing energy to shift that for you. Then come back again another time to receive the Healing for what you can allow right now. You can do this as many times as you wish for anything.🌟

🌟Feel a Divine Ray of Light blazing through your body ~heart~ mind expanding you and lighting you up inside like the Sun, shining throughout your being its warmth and energy flowing through every cell and organ of your physical body, through every part of you, your DNA, activating your Light codes, creating waves of Paradise, this Golden Light clears you and is amplified by the US Angels, clearing your mind, purifying your thoughts, connecting you with the Divine Mind of all that Is, as it moves throughout your emotional body clearing out negative emotions and feelings ~ purifying, lifting and raising their vibrations, purifying your etheric body, your hands and feet and your whole being now radiates this Divine Light, let this Divine Light radiate through you to everyone In your Life, your home, family, Friends, co-workers, workplaces, neighbourhood, and the whole planet, helping to cleanse and purify the consciousness of All of Life on the Earth, radiating out to the cosmos and beyond. 🌟

🌞 This month the Healing Sign for you is a beautiful image of Paradise on Earth that uplifts you and you know that this Paradise is within and you are being shifted into Creating Paradise as your very experience of Life here on Earth..🌟
🌟Our sign that we are with you always this month as close as your breath is a beautiful Gift we will be bringing to you, a Gift that is a sign of our Angels Presence. Enjoy this Blessing from U.S.Angels.

 🌟🌟🌞Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.🌟🌟🌞

✿ U.S. ANGELS ✿♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿


Saturday, January 13, 2018

♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ United Souls Angels Reading JANUARY 2018


♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿ United Souls Angels Reading JANUARY 2018

💙💝 This month is the start of a whole new Year, time to begin again, reset your Life, renew yourself, recharge, revitalise and spiritually attune yourself into your Divine Self and Divine Beauty. What is waiting for you this year, as you imagine now a wonderful year that you rejoice in living each moment as a golden opportunity to become the Love that you are in a richer higher way than ever before. In this moment focus within on what is your hearts true desires and imagine divine Golden Moments filling up your year and then with our Love we will enter into the realm in which you are living this in Truth and help you to realise these dreams.

💞 What is being realised as you go about your life ? Is it simply going from one thing to the next trying to do your best ? Or are you realising more of you and your Greatness each moment and what you can be do and have being infinitely possible? Simply right now make the choice in what you truly desire to realise as you go about your life and send that desire into the Divine Spirit, setting it forth to become what you experience in your daily life. It is that simple and many people have done this. Asked to bring more Truth into their Life as they live it, in their work, in their family life, in their existence, that Truth is revealed to them and through them. Right now choose what you desire as your daily life experience to be for you, and then release it into your future and we will help you to be more realised in your existence in this way.

💙This month get set for new Energy in your Life, as you are ready for this upsurge in your Life of more Energy, more Aliveness, More Awareness, More Love, More Money, as with this new Energy comes increased Energy and your Being will be vibrating with more Energy, more Joy, more Inspirations than ever before, Are you Ready? If not stop reading and say no I don't want this and forget about it. However should you desire this and let in this new Wave of Energy you will be riding this Higher Wave of Love and Energy taking you to new shores destinations and a new Life.

💚A Gift is being Bestowed upon you now as you read, a Gift that the Universe is bringing to you through the Doorway to Heaven, open yourself and say "Yes thankyou I open and I let this in now" and what will come will be a Miracle Blessing you with a Divine Gift from the Highest. You will know when it arrives as you will be most overjoyed and happy as you receive it.

💜 Our sign this month of all of this Us~Angels Reading activated and occurring for you within you and your life is a Beautiful Unicorn that as you see it Blesses you with Divine Truth Beauty Love and a huge Blessing.

💛 A sign of our Loving Presence this month is a golden Eagle soaring through the sky and as you see this know we are with you and communicating in that moment with you and we will give you a special message just for you as you see this Golden Eagle.

💛 Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy Transmissions.💛


Saturday, December 16, 2017


💛We thankyou all for attending these Readings each month. We work with you all on the inner planes as you receive these Angel Readings we create for you all each month. It is a joy and a pleasure. We also work together with your Guides Angels and Spiritual Masters. Your task as you read them is to drink them in, all the energy and words allowing them to shift you into higher states of consciousness and Love. One time you thought all was lost and you were left behind and forgotten, and you cried out why have you forsaken me. In truth we never left you, you were never alone, but your feelings thoughts and beliefs prevented you from realising this Truth. So now we are Gifting you a healing for this memory, a soul memory in the Collective Consciousness. A healing of all that angst and pain, transmuting it all into Pure Divine Love. This is occuring individually for each one of you as these memories are released for healing and transmutation.

💜Let's work with pain this month, pain in the body, pain in the mind, pain that is emotional, pain that is causing you grief and stress. Let Us Angels shift this pain as we surround you with our Healing Rays, as you allow us to do this it is done. Feel a big burden be released from your shoulders and your mind that wasn't yours however you took it on forgetting to give it up to God. We are lightening your load this month with Gods Grace for you, you will feel lighter freer and happier as a result.

💛 Let us create this month more of what you do desire and less of creating through not being aware of what you are choosing with your thoughts and feelings. Let Us Angels now align you with everything your heart desires, all that you have been calling out for to have and experience, feel that shift occuring now. Every time you read this more and more alignment will occur for you, as we tune you into your Vortex, a vortex of all that energy of what you have wished for, that has been created within this Vortex and now you can step into it, be one with it. Be silent as this is activated for you now.

💖 A big moment this month will be tremendous for you, a moment of realisation of Truth, a big aha, as you suddenly shift out of an old illusion that you had you trapped in an old fear. Hold your breath and release your heart.

💜Beautiful Gifts and Blessings are flowing to you throughout this month, Gifts of the Spirit, Gifts of Love, Gifts of Joy, Gifts that uplift and illumine you, Gifts that hold great blessings, open to these Gifts and Blessings flowing to you now. Allow them all in, this flood that has waited to come to you for so long. We hold the door Open for all of this to come to you, simply open your heart and mind now to receiving these Gifts and Divine Blessings, Miracles and Love. You are worthy of them rejoice as they come in, live in appreciation of all that you already have and gratitude for all that comes to you.

💛 Our sign this month of all of this Us~Angels Reading activated and occuring for you within you and your life is a Golden Harp playing with Angels surrounding it. As you see it feel the Music of the Spheres coming in playing heavenly music healing and blessing you divinely filling you with Blissful Union with all of LIFE.

💖 A sign of our Loving Presence this month is golden Light sparkling very brightly, this we will bless you with and as you experience it this will also fill you with Golden Rays of Light, uplifting and illuminating you. 

💛 Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Miracles & Healings Session with Erika L Soul.

 Would you love to enjoy a magical wonderful Xmas time? But each time you want to create a better time for yourself and others over Xmas and just get caught up replaying old memories of past Christmases. Well in this recording healing and manifesting Xmas Miracles session you can have the assistance to help you to make your Christmas more fun and free for you and all around you.

 Most Benevolent Outcomes for Christmas, Energy Dowsing, Ho'oponopono, Money Angels and more helping to bring in positive loving energy for you your family and all around you over Xmas time. A healing session to keep you happy clear and calm over Xmas.

Listen to Magical Christmas Blessings by ErikaL Soul #np on #SoundCloud


Guardian Angel  I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a truly Magical Miracles filled Christmas time, sharing Love Happiness and Joy with everyone around me and for my being happy at peace staying calm with everyone and everything, for doing what I love on Xmas Eve & Xmas Day celebrating Xmas in the way I love and enjoy which blesses all those I spend time with and following my hearts guidance with all that I do to celebrate Xmas. I  request an MBO fo my giving and receiving wonderful gifts and blessings, for getting those I love and care about wonderful gifts they love, finding them following my Divine Inner Guidance {D.I.G} and all divinely paid for abundantly, thankyou God  for my giving Love, being Love and receiving Love, and being a Blessing to all who spend time around me for eating delicious wonderful food going out for healthy meals and preparing meals over Xmas divinely and happily  an MBO for my being abundantly supplied with money and prosperity for all that I need and require in each and every moment over Xmas time, New Year and during January  a Most Benevolent Outcome for the whole lead up to Xmas for my being happy, calm, clear, abundant in all my activities, for using wise discernment in my spending on Xmas and over Christmas, for my being divinely guided and inspired in all I think say and do ~ Listening and following this divine inner guidance wonderfully throughout Xmas and the New Year and this flowing through the January holiday period also this whole MBO covering all of Xmas time and the New Year period, And May many Joyful Blissful Miracles occur over Xmas and the New Year that bless me and all around me, May this Xmas and New Year be the best I have ever had surpassing all those wonderful ones I have had in the past and all my Hopes and Dreams for Xmas time. May I receive all that is for my best and highest good and Thy Will be Done, thankyou thankyou thankyou.....

I ask any and all beings to assist all saying this Xmas MBO in experiencing all within it for their best and highest good thankyou thankyou thankyou.

This MBO is created by Erika L Soul and for any sharing of this online besides your own personal use please ask me first thankyou. 

Erika L Soul

Saturday, December 2, 2017


If you have been curious about Miasms and want to understand what they are and how to heal a miasm this is the article that is the enlightenment on this subject, as it explains in very spiritual terms what they are. 

In relation to ho'oponopono this is relevant as you can see how the data we have from aeons is underlying physical mental and emotional health problems. And you can see that when you are doing the cleaning with the Divine this is a direct way to clean these memories causing problems and to keep cleaning until one day you are free however long it takes you.

This really supports what Dr. Hew Len has been teaching and Morrnah-Nalamaku-Simeona ever since Mornnah began teaching ho'oponopono.
See if you are drawn to read this 5 page article from the Divine within you. You can keep it and save it for future reference or sharing. If you have had some complex health and emotional issues etc this is a way of understanding them. A real eye opener.

Here is the Link for this 5 page pdf you can save and print and share:

Erika L Soul 

Thursday, October 26, 2017



What awaits you today??? What are you choosing to experience? Is it what you think you are worth??
What if you could receive beyond your limiting beliefs ?
What if you can go beyond your limitations ???
What if you just jump over them and find they were not blocking you at all just giving you an illusion of they are your limitation ??
What if you can unconditionally forgive yourself for creating the limitation in the first place ? What if you can forgive the judgement of yourself that created the limitation ?? What if all that stuff you believe is making you unworthy of receiving all the Blessings and riches of the Universe is now dissolved and all is forgiven??

What if all your unconscious blocks to your good can be dissolved into Love one by one? Are you ready for this right now? Will you fully allow it ??? YES ???
Ok so lets create this now happening for you as you allow all of this to be So !!!! 1 2 3 4 5 And IT IS DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now is your mind saying oh no it isn't that simple and easy as I just read this but what if it is ??? Could you open yourself to an Activation right now that allows you to Quantum Leap into Unlimitedness ??? As you OPEN UP in this moment to receiving this Activation that is Activating all of this to Unblock and Shift Old Blocks and Limitations holding you back from receiving all your Good and allowing you to Forgive yourself for all you are past deeds that you are judging yourself for .
Yes Yes Yes I open to Receive this Activation now, Thankyou AND IT IS DONE !!!!!

Erika L SouL
Quantum Energy Practitioner

[ This Card is from the deck Angel Answers Oracle Cards ]

Thursday, October 12, 2017


This brand new Soul Energy Healing Audio Recording session by Erika L Soul is a Transformational Healing Journey into a new Consciousness leaving behind all that has been bothering you on a daily basis, freeing you to journey onwards and upwards, much Energy healing and transformational frequencies are throughout this Session shifting your Energy and Consciousness into a brighter happier state. You may listen to this many times and you won't ever wear it out as each time you can shift higher and higher allowing more of your Good Blessings waiting to come to you in and releasing more and more old attachments judgements and illusions behind.

For those of you who would love to contribute to show your Appreciation of this Gift I have created here you may give a monetary donation via this link thankyou

Divine Love Blessings to YOU
 Erika L Soul

Soundcloud Link for this Healing Journey with Erika L Soul 

Thursday, October 5, 2017


💗 God's Grace be with you ALL. The Grace of the Divine is always present and once you connect with it in your heart you will never be without IT, as it flows through from within from the core of your Being. As so many seek God and the Grace of God, not many discover it is themselves they are seeking, their own divine nature that is God. Once you discover this hidden treasure you know that you are Rich in all ways and it is without end. Can you feel now this hidden treasure awaiting you in the depths of your Being, your Soul Self, which is who and what you really are. Feel this Love now coming through you as we activate this to OPEN to flow at a increased rate for each one of you that is an individual rate that you are ready for. Feel your heart succumb to this wealth of this Flow of Love feel its heartbeat stronger and more in tune with God than ever before.
Can you feel this Love now, this Higher Love that encompasses ALL and is the Divine in YOU. Feel IT and BE IT more and more each day, dedicate your Life to the service you can Be as you allow this Love to come through you to all around you. 

💜 This month is a shift into an Awakening to Love, realising Love, Being Love, which is what you ARE made of, LOVE. We have come to the pinnacle now the Apex, the climb up that tremendous mountain you have been climbing for lifetimes after lifetimes. Trying to get to the top to experience something you yearn for more than anything else in your life, the thing that has been missing that you feel incomplete without. Now is the time to have this experience of the Summit of Love.

💝  Notice this month as opportunities come your way that will increase the Love in your heart, and give you an opportunity to give this Love and receive more Love than ever before. Can you open wide to this Love that will flow in many of your daily activities, and bring many Blessings to your life and all around you.

💜 During this next month watch for Dolphins coming your way, healing enlightening Dolphins, experiences with Dolphins visiting you and giving you their divine energies. Enjoy these Angel Dolphins as they are Messengers for God.

💚 On a practical level we will help you solve a problem this month, that has been unsolvable til now, and with our Light and Energy we will transmit to you this will enable you to have it Resolved with Creativity and JOY. Do not think this is impossible just open your mind to a Miracle of God occuring as you surrender this problem right now to US and let it Go to become what it has been waiting to be transformed into, a Big Blessing and a Gift to YOU.

💙 Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.💜 



                                                     Atlantis Card Deck by Diana Cooper

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Daily Benevolent Magical Outcomes

This is a new audio to give you a great start to your day with Benevolent Magic and Most Benevolent Outcomes flowing throughout your day, the Soul Energy Healing blends into a magical healing elixir for your mind body spirit flowing into your daily life, Enjoy and God Bless. 

If you want to learn more about Most Benevolent Outcomes I have a facebook group called Wonderful Benevolent Outcomes you are welcome to join and I have a page on my website with information on this wonderful tool you can use for everything in your life :

Erika L Soul, 

Energy Healing Practitioner &  Divine Angel Reader.

Daily Benevolent Magical Outcomes Recording

Abraham-Hicks Quotes

Spiritual Art by Erika L Soul and others