Monday, July 28, 2008

More on what if ...yes yes yes

The first time I tried the what if method I was concerned I wouldn't get away for the weekend like we wanted as something came up about my car at the time. So we started my partner Michael and I what iffing a lot and got very carried away , like what if we do have the money and the car is taken care of etc. When my daughter came home from work we were so high and happy she thought we were on drugs and crazy. Well 2 days later on the Friday before our weekend away Michaels Mum rings and says she want to give us $200 just because she has some extra money she wants to share. We were amazed at this unusual occurrence and went great now we can go away. Then on the weekend we stayed in a home for free as our relative was away and we had a nice time going out and about from their place, all unexpectedly. So then I saw how our what iffing had attracted the best outcome for us and that it worked. Another time my daughter was going out somewhere and very concerned she was not going to enjoy it at all (memories replaying) so I started saying what if you have a great night yes yes yes and she said some what if statements as well as she went out the door. Well she came home saying she had a great nite!

Whether we do this on purpose or not we are what iffing even unconciously , imagining the worst thing that could happen due to our past experiences and beliefs we have formed. So we can take control and love these memories and change our vibration and imagining to the best we could imagine occuring . Training wheels until we are doing this without thinking what iffing in the positive direction, becoming cause instead of the effect of our past programming and circumstances. thank you and bye for now
many blessings

Dear God letter to resolve problems..

Hi all, I am going to share a spiritual technique that may help if you are doing posts or writing in your journal. Its very simple you address your post/writing to either Dear God/Divinity/Creator etc, and then write your stuff that you're going thru down and keep writing and you can write any cleaning words you like in it too ( I love you ~thank you~Hu etc) or whatever you feel to write til you Finnish in a much better space and Finnish saying ~love from yourself (your name) . You will find that the problem dissolves and you get clear , its sort of a written form of ho'oponopono cleaning if you know this method, or a spiritual release of the problem to God, you can address it to whoever is your spiritual teacher master god etc.
IF you care to reply or comment on your experience of doing this I would love to receive this.
Thank you and I love you
Love & Blessings
Erika L Soul...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What ifs and our real Why's

What if ?? this is a great way to get the mind to go in positive circles instead of what iffing on the negative , the mind can be imagining all sorts of bad what ifs even unconsciously . So instead of going what if this doesn't work out or what if it rains, you say What if everything goes well tonite , what if I enjoy myself yes yes yes. I feel adding yes yes yes is very enhancing and creates an attrator factor to it. You are affirming this and allowing this to be true for you.. YOU can even add thank you or I love you whatever you're inspired to add or nothing just what if , you can say it out loud or silently. I got this what if thing from a post on a Zpoint group , and if you are asking what is zpoint well , Z point evolved in a way from EFT and BSFF ~ Grant Connoly created this process and his website is if you are curious at all.

So here are some what if examples................

What if everyone loves me ~yes yes yes
What if I do already love myself,~yes yes yes
What if God loves me, ~yes yes yes
What if my partner loves me, ~yes yes yes
What if my future is all taken care of ~yes yes yes
What if I succeed at this ~yes yes yes
What if I am ok and will be ok always~ yes yes yes
What if I always have what I need~ yes yes yes
What if I am a blessing to all I meet~ yes yes yes

By now you get the picture, what I find is I get very positive and happy from this and it changes my worry to a different direction, negatively vibrating to positively.

Another great question to ask is WHY DO I WANT THIS? when there is something you want to attain or do, you keep asking this until you get to the real why, you may encounter some negative answers til you reach your final why ,you will know when you get there . Its a very interesting thing to do writing the question over and over and writing your answer down helps clarify , but you can do it in your head also. You may discover from this some of the things you don't want.

Once you have your why this is your real motivation that will inspire you to stay with your desire. So maybe we don't need to judge our desires as materialistic or whatever because behind them is a higher desire.

First you write down your desire, then write Why do I want this and then write your answer and keep asking and answering til your done. I write why do I want each answer I get like a full sentence like Why do I want to be successful? Answer : So I feel empowered. Question:Why do I want to feel empowered? answer: So I feel I can do anything .etc etc.

We did this process along with an exercise for finding your real wants from Joe Vitales book The Attractor Factor in my Divine Angel Healing Circle in June 08 . Once we had found our desire and written it in a positive format we did the why do we want this question and then we cleared any resistance, negative blocks memories in the way with some clearing techniques. Our final step was to do a manifesting technique to send it into a pool of loving energy and releasing it for our best and highest good letting go of all attachments to how when if etc. When we shared our desires we found we all wanted each others intention, and the whys were amazing that people realised were the real reason. It was a big night and I felt the effects in my life over the next week (and continuing )as I could see things happening related to the session. Thank you thankyou to the Divine for this wonderful session with wonderful people I love You, Hu

Happy journeying into the unknown , any questions on this just email me or leave a comment.
Thank you
May the Blessings Be

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Angel to Set You Free

This is a beautiful Angel Healing experience for your Heart.
Today, we ask an Angel to come to you and set you free.

See her before you now, a beautiful angel floating in the air before you, her fluttering wings outspread, a bright golden glow about her head and emanating from her entire body. She is aglow with love, with caring and affection for you.

First, she reaches into a little bag of golden silk and pulls out a Handful of sparkling angel dust that she now tosses over you. It falls down upon you, but instead of clinging to your skin, it becomes A band of energy, bright and glowing, around you. This golden glow is Clearing the field around you, purifying it, removing any residue of Doubt or fear that has been clinging to you.

And now, she pauses and looks deep into your eyes, asking permission. Nod your head yes: Yes, you grant her permission to look into your Heart. She touches you lightly over your heart and your heart opens wide to Her view. And as she looks within, you find that you can see it as well.

First, see that your heart is glowing golden. It is made of love. It Is a great treasure within you, the place where the light and love are stored. It is glowing and golden but it is also soft and pliable, able to change and adapt as life requires.

But here and there within your heart are some stones you have picked up along the way, things that happened to you, things you considered sad or bad at the time, and you stored them in your heart. At the time these things happened to you, you were unable to just let them be Or to examine them and allow them to dissolve, and so you stored them Away, hoping that they would not exist in your life any longer.

But yet here they are, stones that you carry in your bright and glowing heart, weighing it down, making it less soft and pliable than It could be. Stones that block some of the bright love from glowing and flowing. Stones that you must carry every day, even though you are not even aware that they are there.

Look at the stones now. There are stones of unforgiveness, bitter and Sharp; stones of sadness, each a heavy weight your heart must carry; Stones of anger, hot and smoldering; stones of fear, like chunks of Ice that keep the warmth of love from spreading easily; and many pebbles of doubt, which add up to a heavy weight indeed.

The angel now looks again deeply into your eyes. She is asking you a question. Are you ready to free your heart of these burdens? Are you ready to let all of this leave your life? Are you ready to forgive yourself and others, to let go of the anger and bitterness and Disappointment? Are you ready to let go even of the doubts about yourself? Are you ready to free yourself of fear?
Nod your head yes: Yes, you are ready.

And now the angel opens wide her silken bag. She reaches into your Heart and removes the stones one by one, taking them from your heart and placing them in the bag. One by one, they come out of your Heart. And with each one that is removed, you can feel your heart Growing lighter and lighter. All the regrets are taken out. All the Fears of the future. All the doubts about what you can accomplish. All the anger and frustration, all the disappointment, all of this is removed.

Feel your heart growing lighter and lighter. Feel yourself growing freer and freer. Feel what it is like to let your heart glow as brightly as it can, unencumbered by these burdens it has been carrying. You do not need them any more.

And as your heart glows more brightly, that glow spreads throughout your body. And your body, now exposed to this bright glow of inner Love, finds that it no longer needs the habits and addictions that it Was using to shield it from the energy of the stones. Your entire body now feels light and free, bright and glowing.

And the angel looks at you and smiles. Then she closes her silken bag and flies up to the heavens, where she holds the bag to the light. And as you watch, in a great golden burst of light, the stones are all Transmuted into love, love bright and golden. And a gentle shower of Love begins to fall down upon you, golden drops shimmering in the sky And falling down upon you, pouring over you, covering you in sweet love.

And this you are. Love. Love glowing in your heart. Love glowing in your body. Love shimmering all around you. Purified and clean, glowing and golden, you are.

And all of the possibilities of this precious life are glowing and shimmering around you as well. There is nothing that you cannot do, for you have no fear and no doubt. You are completely unburdened with the past. You are in this moment only, shining and bright, feeling and being love, knowing yourself as love and only love.

It is a new day and a new life. You are born anew in love and the world lies open before you. Step into it and embrace it now, right now. You are this sparkling wonder of love. You are.

I wish you love and peace.

Carrie Hart

***There are on meditations on Carrie's website which you can download plus much more**

Love & Blessings



Butterflies are free and so is Love

Fly on the wings of Angels

Up to the heavenly skies

So free so high

Above the world

Where soul is free to

By Soulerika

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ho'oponopono Healing painting

this is a Ho'oponopono Healing painting I created so that when you gaze at it, its cleaning you of memories, ie programs, beliefs & negative feelings while you view it. If you are feeling an issue bugging you,you can look at this painting till you feel clear at zero.
I have infused it with healing energy and set the energy to do this for anyone viewing it. For any issue going on within you, just focus on the issue as you view the painting and this will do the cleaning to zero. You can also send the memory or problem into it to be cleaned as well . The HU and EK words I have added as they are spiritually powerful cleaning words.

the Ho'oponopono cleaning tool words in it are ~I am sorry~Please Forgive me~I love you~Thank you~Pillar of the Peace of I~Dewdrop~Lightswitch~.

If you want more info on Ho'oponopono you can visit my website where I have alot of info and links/resources.

If you want to know more about the Hu and Ek words , I have a free hu chant mp3 download on my website, and there is also a link for Eckankar on my links page and Ek books on my books page.

May the Blessings Be

Erika L Soul

My first Blog

Wow, after reading so many other peoples's blogs I now have created one within a few minutes. I got inspired to have one from going to read the blog dailyaffirmations Daily Affirmations - .It is so attractive and nice to read I wanted to have one too. I do want to find out how they did put that page together so beautifully. I get the ho'oponopono google alert with all blogs to do with ho'oponopono and have found some great ones I like from interesting people. I like reading Tracey's blog at

Well if anyone does actually read this I would love to hear from you.

Love and Blessings to all

Erika L Soul

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