Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Everyone ♥♥ I LOVE YOU ♥♥

Dear Everyone ♥  I    L ♥ O ♥ V ♥ E     Y ♥ O ♥ U 
saying this over and over contributes towards peace and goodwill in the world. You can make a difference you can spread peace and goodwill whenever you are at home at school on the trains on the street, by silently saying ♥ Dear Everyone I Love You ♥... over and over. You are invited to become an ambassador of Peace and Love.
Keep smiling and this one thought wherever you are , and create an atmosphere of peace and goodwill. Do this every spare moment and you will feel happy .. you will feel healthy... and you will feel good about your contributions to peace.

♥ IF you would like to contribute towards creating a more peaceful and loving world , this is a simple yet incredibly effective and powerful way you can participate with us all as we collectively  fill the atmosphere with the quality and vibrations of love ...Love is the answer ..for only Love can transmute that which reflects as man's inhumanity to man ..Only love can lift humanity above the causes for needing war defences against each other.

Only love will change all the worlds troubles into peacefulness and goodwill across the planet .......              For enough love will heal everything.

♥ Whenever you say these three magical words even silently their uplifting and healing energies will contribute towards a good feeling in the air and you having a magical wonderful ..just like Xmas. At times of tension and fighting you can go a step further and say ' I love you and God Bless You' over and over . People doing this have experienced an instant end to the fighting and a peacefulness comes present. Say it enough and you can turn an enemy into a friend.

You could be real daring and go a step further by giving a smile to the ones behind those sad and serious faces you see, or be even more daring and give some kind words of support and encouragement -some upliftment by speaking of  something good and positive, or you could really open your heart and share the essence of who you are and see the little miracles as the joy transforms their eyes. You could even decide to be ten times more friendly, patient considerate and caring . Like produces like - plant seeds of love and receive a rich harvest of love returning. It makes life more enjoyable. 

Lots of people sharing a little more love adds up to alot more love in the world.

♥ When we relate to all of us human beings as individualizations of the One Life , the one human family  and get to see that whatever happens to one is really happening to us all, and has some subjective effect on everyone of us ... And when we realise the fact that a thought invariably  produces its effect before it returns or before it ceases ,  
we can see how we can continually be breathing out a blessing - not only upon the all whom we come into contact with but upon all peoples of the world.

♥ Always remember that it is the the wonderful, beautiful and precious human being whom you love , not their words or actions not their body or the mind or emotions.
So you can detest their actions disagree with their beliefs , choose not to live as they live and still love the living , breathing, human being - and because life gives back as we give out.
It makes sense to give out loving thoughts - for as they return to the sender they bring a happy healthy and wealthy feeling of JOY.

♥ How many people transmitting the vibrations of  Love will it take to make a difference? How many of these seeds will be fruitful? In nature a thousand seeds will perish for every flower that blooms! If one million people worldwide were to each spread 100 of these seeds into their locality - the cumulative effects would surely be news Headlines of a very positive nature....You are invited to be one of the million. To
participate with us you can print copies of this , email , post on the internet, 100 of these seeds and spread them around your little corner of the world. You may like to reprint a large quantity of thes seeds of Love in your own language and start your own Share Your ♥ Campaign in your homeland.

♥ Please pin this up somewhere prominent as a reminder that we can allow a river of Peace and Love to pour out through us ...and don't be surprised if you find it starting lots of other rivers of  Peace and Love flowing through the people around you.. Seeing is believing how Love awakens itself in another, try Love and see how Peace can enfold the World.


♥ this is from a Poster I have from about 1985 and it was from the
 Share Your ♥ Campaign in Currumbin Australia. They sent people these green A4 posters for only $3 for 50 of them. The top section of the poster is a big smiley face saying in many captions Dear Everyone I love You and Love For Peace emblem with a dove and a heart. My copy is very old and I gave out many copies and so I only have this one that is discoloured and didn't scan very well hence I have spent some time typing this in. I still hope to rescue the wonderful picture and put it with these wonderful words.                                      I came across  Self Identity thru Ho'oponopono a few years ago  which reflects these words entirely as they use  ' I LOVE YOU ' as a cleansing memories tool, so this message is as relevant to me today as they were 25 years ago

Love Soulerika

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