Monday, May 24, 2010

Afformation Cards

This is an Affformation card I have created, Afformations are phrased in a Why is this So now question and works by your subconscious creating it as your reality. The Afformations Method makes reaching your goals so much easier, because it uses your minds Automatic Search Function to discover positive answers to your new empowering questions.
You're free to copy share and print this to your hearts content, just do not change it is all I ask.I am creating these as cards you carry with you to say and repeat often . 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Music to help manifest prosperity and abundance

Beautiful World - music to help manifest prosperity and abundance

The manifesting protocol used in this audio is designed to help a person attract financial abundance and wealth. There is a special bonus clearing of all the unhealthy blocks a person might have around financial abundance and money. By doing this protocol, the listener also begins to clear the doubts, fears, and worries around money on the deep subconscious level. This opens up the energy for more money and abundance to flow into the listener's life.

For more info & to hear more music, visit:

Magnified Manifesting Visionary Manifesting Audio

Visionary Manifesting Audio is a series of musical recordings that work on a deep subconscious level to significantly help people manifest their desires when listened to. Created by renowned holistic health practitioner and sound therapist Emmanuel Dagher, the music is a powerful, enjoyable way to increase ones power to manifest and positively transform their lives.

A different manifesting protocol, based on theta healing, has been recorded within each song and works on a subconscious level. The listener consciously hears only the wonderful and uplifting pop/top 40 style music, but will begin to experience positive transformation and shifts in their life as the music works on a deep subconscious level. In addition, the 528 hertz frequency, scientifically proven to heal on the physical and emotional level, is also woven into each song, providing additional healing benefits.

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