Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wonderful Inspiring Thoughts

I let Go of the Thoughts that do not serve me and I reach for wonderful thoughts that create good feeling states like ' What a Beautiful World we live in! My life is so full of Love ! I am so Happy right now ! What joy is coming next ?  Why do I love my Life so much? My life just keeps getting better and better ! Why am I ok now and always?
Thoughts are Vibrations and our feelings fuel our Thoughts and our Thoughts fuel our feelings and  this then creates our outer Reality which we can change in an instant with one Powerful Thought ! Our Life is what we are creating moment by moment from the choices we are making with our thoughts words deeds and actions.You can decide Anything and manifest this as your Reality,Try it and see!
*the Love~ the Happiness~ the Peace of I *
love Soulerika

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