Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reaching for the Best

              Reaching for the Best

 I have written this story as it unfolded and have added each next occurence so it has been a work in progress and I have edited it many times to read better for you.
I needed to buy a new computer and I was only looking at getting a cheap computer for under $200 as I'd never really considered buying a new high tech computer as I  felt this wasn't possible, way out of my reach! So then I had the idea why not go for the best, one I would love to have and forget about how and limitations and just go for it, allow it in! We have had problems all year with the one I have I paid $80 for and lately its been playing up and we have been doing alot of backups and restoring work and its been touch and go a few times and alot of work for my partner.

 So I checked out the store that had one I had seen and wanted and realised this wasn't going to be available for much longer and already alot of stores had sold them out. I had seen one on special near my parents in the country recently on a visit to them and asked my Dad could he see if they still had it as I didn't like the full price tag on the one I found locally, the next thing I know he calls and says yes they have it at the special price still and it can be sent to my local store. Now this was amazing as Aldi stores are very basic service and this they don't normally do . 

 I have now said many Most Benevolent Outcomes for buying it so I wil only get it if its right for me and now I have asked for an MBO for paying for it when it arrives.
I am just going to trust the universe that I will be able to pay for it and that money will come. I also did Jo Dunnings Pulse Technique on my computer situation which cleared the way to manifest a better one for me.To experience this technique for free on any issue you can watch a youtube on this page titled Pulse technique

This has been a big thing for me to do as I have had 4 computers so far that didn't cost much and they haven't lasted too long even though they have given me great service in the meantime. I do alot of work on the computer and I envision this new one will mean I can expand what I do to a higher level. So maybe its as simple as reaching for the best and allowing it in and not being limited in your thinking of how it can happen. I am now waiting on its arrival and trusting all will be well and only the best is for me. And saying
Thankyou, thankyou , thankyou.

How to say an MBO
~ "Guardian Angels, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for ......thankyou!" you write them or say them outloud. To learn more about MBO's click here: Most Benevolent Outcomes .

A week later I go to the store and find out there is no way for the computer to come from Hamilton to Bayswater, but I got a great
MBO in that the store person rang around for me and found one locally, but at the expensive price so after some more quick MBO's she talked to the guy at the FTG store who agreed to let me buy it at the $100 off price the Hamilton store had been selling them at. there was only 1 store that had one left so I was very lucky and that I got it cheaper.


Now the thing is to pay it off and so I said More MBO's for this as I was concerned how I would manage to do this and then my daughter gave me some money towards it so I added some to and I have worked out regular payments  til its paid for completely.

I am telling any family or friends for Xmas I'd love a gift of money to my computer fund! So now I have realised if the Aldi Hamilton storeperson hadn't said yes it could be sent to Melbourne I woudn't have gone to Aldi's Bayswater and had the person there helping me cos of the mixup! A big MBO! gotta love them and the Angels who help behind the scenes thankyou Angels !!!

Now I have it home and we have transferred everything over to it and its a dream using it so high tech and I love it and I am so glad I stretched myself to get past my limitations I had.I even got a new computer screen at a great price and a webcam so I can do Skype readings now. I have advanced in more ways than just a computer. A computer is a representation of a state of consciousness and I had to let go of old ways of lack and limitation to go to a new level of operating . Helped spiritually by my spiritual helpers and by wonderful human angels  I achieved a miracle for me. And having it lets me do my work with more ease and grace and serve others !

 2011 update

At Xmas time I realised that my dream of receiving gifts of money from family was probably  a pipe dream as there were only a few gifts being exchanged among a few of us . Then we saw my mother-in-law Xmas night and she gave us a huge gift of money enough to pay off my computer, we were so amazed and grateful for this gift. At first I was having alot of fun running through all the things we could do with the money and afterwards I realised I'd asked for this so I could pay off my computer that I’d put on my credit card. I had written here that I’d  like to receive money from family to help pay for my new computer but I didn't say this to many family members and certainly not my mother-in-law so the Universe works out your request for a great Most Benevolent outcome.

May Update, My partner just had a big birthday with a 0 in it and he really wanted a new computer. It'sa bit hard for him being the computer tech guy and my computer assistant when I have the new great computer and his is good but not this good. So I saw a great Aldi laptop he liked and we went to the store to see it and as you have 60days to return it if you aren't happy with it and a 2yr warranty so we couldn't lose . It even has a tv tuner so we have been watching tv on it, a first for us. So what I did unbeknownst to him was tell everyone coming to his 60th that we were all contributing to getting him a new laptop. I paid for it first so we could give it to him on the night. This all felt like a repeat of buying mine as the fears came up if I would receive enough money to pay for it completely. Well after many MBO's for receiving enough money to pay for it we received exactly what was needed to pay it off at the dinner in many many cash donations that were very generous and I am so grateful to everyone who gave $. What a relief and the laptop is so great and he's very happy with it, he didn't know about the gift until the dinner and it was given to him . I said MBO's for buying it , then paying for it and his celebration and everyone really had a great night. Phew !!!

Whatever it is you dream of you can receive under Grace 
and I wish for you all your heart desires, thankyou



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