Sunday, January 9, 2011


* Soul Energy Healing *


For those of you in Melbourne who would love some HEALING on any issue I, Erika L Soul  am offering  Healings on Mondays to Saturdays from 10am - 8pm .These are transformational sessions for you to experience Soul Energy Healing, and to give you a  divine gift of healing . 

To book in contact me on 0411798393 or 0397294972, these sessions are held in my private reading~healing room in Bayswater Nth. You can bring a friend or family member with you and both have a session one after the other and please feel free to tell anyone you feel would enjoy a Divine Angel ~ Healing session. Gift vouchers also available for this divine gift of healing. If you cannot come in person you may have your session over the phone or as an absent healing sesssion. Cost is $60 per hour.


Healing with the Angels

The Power and Energy of the All

Healing within a loving Vortex of Energy

Dynamic Healing at the Soul level

Experience Healing Miracles

Awaken and Heal Your Life

Transformational Healings


Erika L Soul

Angel Channelling Guide
Soul Energy Healer
Spiritual Counsellor


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