Monday, December 13, 2010

A Night in the life of a Reader

Tonite I found myself not feeling very energised or in a connected space whilst giving a reading and struggled doing it at all. Not feeling very good about this I went to eat my dinner with my partner to whom I shared  about how I was feeling and my low energy state. Before I could finnish my dinner I got a phone call from a client going through something she wanted to tell me about but before I could really reply to her my reading line rang and I had to go to answer it as I was  logged in. I could have logged out to eat my dinner in peace but I had seen there was not enough readers on at all so I decided to stay on even though I felt the way I did. I would get back to my private client later and apologise for not being able to call her back that night.

Somehow I got time to get my video/phone and watched the Pulse technique video focussing on how my energy was and my feelings from everything going on, I managed a second 3min session then the phone rang again so I answered it and took the video phone with me and kept it on repeatedly during the reading in front of me on my table. Now I noticed a huge shift in how I felt and responded to the callers needs , I was tuned in and connected and I had energy. It was a great call and lasted 40mins , I felt I was being of divine service and we did a healing Angel reading , which is healing the issues while we talk about things going on in the persons life while I tune into my inner guidance as to what to share with them. It all flowed easily from me as I focused on Deb's face as she did the Pulse technique. I didn't feel tired anymore but uplifted and happy. God~the Angels~my spiritual teacher all assisted me work with the caller as I let myself be a vehicle for Divine Love to flow through me to the person.

I let the energy from Source~Divinity in the video clear all that was going on in me as I listened to the caller and clear any memories-programs -beliefs  we may have in common . I felt very grateful for this experience as it was a real miracle turn around of negativity and a low state to a loving connected state. The rest of my dinner got burnt in the oven by the time I could eat it oh well I mustn't have been meant to eat anymore of it. Somehow the client was going through a big turn around as well from alot of trouble and problems to feeling hopeful of a change to healing and peace.

This really confirmed for me how the Pulse technique can help one to clear negativity and problems instantly. I have many wonderful healing tools I use in my work and they are all loved and appreciated each one helpful at different times. Like recipe ingredients they combine together for  wonderful creations of healing and great outcomes. After I finnished the reading I really felt ready for a break and some food but the line was still short of readers and they wanted me to stay on, I felt this conflict of my needs vs theirs and stayed on, but I said I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for getting a break and no calls so my needs would get addressed too. I did end up sitting down watching a favourite tv show and having a cuppa and later I logged off and there was another reader on. What a night that finnished well. And here I am now inspired to write this down and share it which I don't usually do !

The Pulse technique is by Jo Dunning and on the video one of her main assistants is Debra Cummings who facilitates the process, the video is on my Blog  here just a few posts above.

All is WELL,  All is OK !
~love SoulErika~

Erika L Soul
Angel Channelling Guide
Soul Energy Healer
Spiritual Counsellor


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