Wednesday, January 26, 2011


One of the ways to connect with the divine is to sing  HU,  a love song to God, a sound you sing out loud to lift yourself spiritually. The sound I use is called the HU (pronouced Hue). HU is an ancient name for God or Divine Spirit. It's sung as a long drawn out note and comes out sounding like "Huuoooooooo....". You can hear a sample of people singing HU by pressing the Play button below.

   When sung with a feeling of love in the heart, it uplifts and helps to center oneself. You can sing it anytime inside your head mentaly if you wish. This can be very usefull in times of trouble, to help rise above whatever is causing problems, and get answers from your own inner guidance.

   To sing HU, first get comfortable either sitting or lying down, with your hands in your lap or by your sides, and your feet uncrossed. Then place your attention on a spot between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. Think of some loving or happy experience you have had, and then sing HU in a long drawn out note. Sing it for as long as you feel comfortable. Generally at first no more than 20 minutes.
You may experience upliftment, see colours in your third eye area, or hear uplifting sounds, such as nature sounds or uplifting music. All of these are manifestations of divine love. 

You can listen to a Hu recording on my website Downloads page. If you would like to download a 5 minute mp3 file of people singing HU, click Here to go to the Eckankar website, and to get the 20mins full HU mp3 recording for $2 click here . To request a free HU cd to be sent to you if you live in Australia call the Eckankar Centre on (03) 9532 0523 and just  leave your name and address.

P.S. Hu picture above by Eva Shari, who shares on Facebook  all her art and spirituality. On the right side of my blog is a photo slideshow of her Spiritual Art.

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