Monday, March 28, 2011

Touching the Divine

 I hope these words and the light in the picture Inspire you to choose anew each day,
and know that each day is a day to do something differently in your life.
this Picture is on Inspire Me a Facebook page where you can add your inspirational quotes to the pictures and they may get selected like mine was.
with love Soulerika .

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Healing Angel Messages

The well is dry so full before and now empty, fill from the Ocean your cup and let it overflow to fill up others cups and keep filling till all is forever full. 
Let this be your time to live from a Cup full to the brim with love for all, this is the Divine's wish for you to live from the Well of Abundance that is your natural state . 
Fill up now with all that you need then give this out to others drink deeply feel this in you this divine energy and let it work its magic on you of Transformation. 
With Our Love The Angels*~*

From Jan Rekoutis-Archangel Gabriel with Metatron, Michael, Angels of Love , Purlimiek, Zadkiel and Raphael all held in unicorn energy bringing light to nature. With elemental lit up in the angel light that is shining down to support it.                (Diana Cooper)
 with love in Divine Spirit~ SoulErika.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A story on Listening to your Guides

One time  last year in June while visiting my girlfriend in Tweed Heads Sth for a stopover on our way from the Central Coast to Caloundra we were discussing where to go for an outing  so I picked a card from her new card deck Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Lynn and there was a picture of hills and it said Adventure and to go somewhere new, so I closed my eyes and asked My Guides and Angels where could we go , we had talked about Byron Bay but I felt no energy in me saying yes to this.I had been reading Angelspeake which I had found on Eileen's bookshelf for a day and it was all about talking to your Angels so I was very open to speaking to them at that moment. 

So I wait to hear or see where to go and I get Tallebudgera , it just presented itself in my mind very clearly, so we all decide to go for a drive there, my girlfriend Eileen and my husband Michael . We went driving up and around, lush tropical mountains  I thought my girlfriend knew the roads and where we were but she started asking at intersections in the middle of the hilly countryside whether to go left or right. Each time I would listen to the inner guidance and I would get to go right , and so we  ended up being on a road that took us into the back of Tallebudgera and I was very relieved we were back in civilisation and where we wanted to get to.We ate lunch at a Hare Krishna cafe that had great vegetarian food and it was very different from Brisbane and Melbourne Gopals restarurants and one which I hadn't known about or been to before.

After our yum lunch we went into many shops and I bought a lovely hot pink velour top and emerald green velvet skirt plus another lovely top at a great price in a  Salvos store , nicer than the clothes in the expensive shops we'd been in. While we were walking around the shops we heard that Kevin Rudd was out and Julia Gillard was in , it was quite amazing to see this on the news and some people in the Salvos store confirmed it . This was a very surprising outing and I was stunned at the change of prime minister and to a woman as well ! 

 We'd had quite an adventure of going to new places we hadn't been to before which the card I got suggested. So look what happened when I asked the angels for guidance on our day and was open to following it. Trusting what you get and that it really is guidance comes with practice and experience.

Erika L Soul
Divine Angel Reader
Healing facilitator
Spiritual Counsellor
Melbourne Australia
Rainbow Healings

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healing Moments 5 : Braco healing

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling out of balance and I wasn't doing anything to clear myself or to rest and just be for a while, so I chose to watch some Braco videos on repeat , the 'Meeting Braco 1 & 2 updated' and the Braco Tribute . I hadn't even stopped to release all the stuff from my day and rest I was just OK again from watching Braco. After this I kept a mini screen from Windows Media player going so I could see and hear the Braco videos anytime I was doing anything on the computer and all was well again within me. I had slowed down and had let go of the stuff from my day. A little Miracle ! A Healing Moment!

I could write a story on my day up til Braco and then afterwards relaxing and watching I dream of Jeannie with a cuppa and snack, what a change. The video sure worked its magic into my heart and mind thankyou Braco and all of the Braco helpers worldwide. Many more gifts and blessings came to me also as a result of being restored back to myself again. One was a way of doing ZPoint clearing simply and easily with my own healing version of the protocol I have created and using this in a new way that came in as an inspiration. No need to say all the Zpoint statements and clearings they do which are great but a shortcut that I am now using . As the protocol is Grant Connoly's and I have edited it for including other
healing processes also I am not posting it unless I know this is ok with Grant. However I can share it privately  and what I have created as a process.

Meeting Braco Part 1/2 - updated

Braco is one of the most extraordinary healers of our time. He does not use specific techniques, but with his love and gaze alone he is able to heal people from severe illnesses. Braco does not offer private sessions but gazes at groups of people which can go into the thousands and take no longer than about 5 minutes!  All Braco is asking from people in these sessions, is to focus on his eyes and concentrate on the space 2 fingers below your heart in the middle of the chest.This video helps to focus on Braco's gaze, his eyes, to connect and feel his love and the power of his healing presence.

love and Blessings

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Pulse Technique

  This is the info from Deb Cummings on her Youtube channel for this video, any questions just click on this video and it will go to YOUtube and you can leave a comment below the video and she will answer it, thankyou Soulerika

Enjoy the Pulse Technique to address any of the things you would like to change in your life. Use it for worry, fear, pain, relationships, overwhelm, finances, depression, lack of purpose, difficult life experiences or anything else that is not the way you would like it to be.

Watch this video as often as you like to transform your life! The energy work will remain active as long as the original recording is available on YouTube.

You might also enjoy an Energy Clearing ; Balancing (chakra clearing) video. Here is the link:

Go to Debra Cummings 'website' if you would like to be notified of other energy work offerings. The Pulse Technique is part of the Quantum Energetic Disciplines training program founded and developed by Jo Dunning.

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