Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream a little dream of Me

The story of my life has now become an incredible journey and a half. I am now remembering how things began to change. One morning I actually started to awaken and wonder about life . Curiousity was the energy to lead me forward, and I wondered at so many things. Many exciting things occuring became my daily experience, as I opened myself to new ways to live and love. Joy became my catchword , Joy in myself, Joy in others, Joy in everything. Things became attracted to me I had never before believed possible, my life became an unknown journey, an exciting possibility. 

Wonder and imagination became my best friends , as I wondered about something like 'I wonder if this could be possible for me to do' I would discover ways it was. I started to lead myself to the green pastures I had always dreamed of. People around me were amazed at the divine miracles occuring every day in my life. I started attracting daily divine blessings into my life of gifts of love, miracles and abundance. Finally I had turned a corner and the true me had emerged, the Awakened Self. Eager for life and living, trusting in myself and God, I had finally let Go and let God . Many strange things occurred , visions of the future would pop into my mind and I would see myself doing amazing activities in this world and the spiritual worlds.

All of this became my life and how I live now. I didn't have to die to reach nirvana I only had to let myself Be and open up to all the richness within and without. Remember the song Let it Be~ Let it Be~ Let it Be. I became like a little child playful free and having lots of fun, laughing at anything and everything. Others around me became infected with my energy of enthusiasm. My life became a divine blessing for me and everyone. My heart became fully open and abundant giving and receiving evermore. And so it is now in my life that I dream a thing and it is so already , just a little imagination and fun and it comes into existence. My time is filled with richness fullness and isness, and I am very grateful, thankyou thankyou thankyou !!!!!

Divinity for all the Blessings I have and for all that I am receiving now 
I love you 


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