Thursday, November 10, 2011

Healing from SELF Judgement

What if you could release Judgement and forgive and be in gratitude instead ? 
How is that possible ? 
Would you like to be free of judgement limiting you in your life?
Would you like to choose this now ?

Energy Clearing Recording  on healing from Judgement by Rikka Zimmerman  using Access Consciousness tools , it will only be up for a period of time so best to download it now !This FREE recording is excellent for freeing yourself of the ways you judge yourself and others as right and wrong, good and bad, Rikka has been doing a Ending Judgement teleseries and HERE IS the Website> Ending Judgment
...There is now a second free ENDING Judgement RECORDING to complement the first weeks and is the link to listen to it is below.

RECORDING ENDING JUDGEMENT 1 : Right-Click to Download Mp3

The Tarot card called Judgement is about ending self judgement and being awakened and reborn by an Angel blowing a trumpet and releasing the past and moving towards a new life. AT ONE MENT replacing Judgement! We face the selves we are not wanting to acknowledge or face and we learn to release our judgements of our past selves and move towards forgiveness thereby freeing ourselves so we can awake reborn and reawakened into a new life , set free from our past self judgements. 
If there is someone you cannot forgive just look and see where you cannot forgive yourself for something similar and as you forgive yourself you can also forgive them. We are free to be our True Selves and advance on our spiritual journey .

In every instance of negativity or judgement I say to myself :

Ho'oponopono~ I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.
I love you~ You are a Divine infinite being deserving of only love, beauty and light.
I'm sorry ~ for holding any thoughts memories or programs that allow this negativity.
Please forgive me ~ I am ready to release all that is creating this and move beyond it.
Thank you... It is DONE....


Erika L Soul

Divine Angel Readings
with HealingMagic & Miracles

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this priceless knowledge as well as a great job inspiring people all over the world.
    I love you,
    Thank you.


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