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Great Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tools

Blue Solar Water ~ is a divine cleaning tool. The more you drink it, the more it erases those memories or data and brings you to your child-like mind. To make it, you need a blue glass or bottle. Any shade of blue will do. You put it in the sun for an hour, or under a lamp. If you are just using a glass, you need to cover the top with anything but metal, as bugs and others are attracted to this pure water. Once it's been in the sun for an hour, you can drink it, rinse with it, cook with it, shower with it, or put it in the fridge for later. A drop of this blue solar water will purify any container you add it too.


Ceeport ~
Clean Erase Erase back to Port,  is a special graphics configuration impressed on a ¾" circular label. Special processes are used to give the configuration its ability to tune you into your natural rhythm. Ceeports are activated when attached to the surface of objects. is the website to purchase CEEPORT products courtesy of Dr.Ihaleakala Hew Len

Corn ~ is  another cleaning tool. Ho'oponopono advises us to love our food before we eat it, so love your corn and start having more of it, it cleans the bad programs we're all interested in getting rid of. Eat it as blue corn meal, corn chips or corn itself.

Dewdrop works on everything. You can say dewdrop when you're frightened, threatened, sad or angry. You can think dewdrop if you see someone else in trouble. There is no limit to its use. Use moment to moment.


Eraser ~ that's where you use a pencil with an eraser and tap on the item you want to clean. This can be a book, a computer, yourself, or anything. You can repeat the cleaning mantra or just tap. When you tap on the item you are cleaning it releasing all memories through all generations of time back to the point of its' creation. Some people claim just using an eraser works the same way. You can say Dewdrop as you tap .

Fly Paper ~ is deleting almost everything. You can say flypaper or think it for any conflict between you and another and the memories will stick to the flypaper good for relationships .


Fruit-water dunk ~ is to mentally visualize dunking anything you wish into a clear glass of water with fruit in it.

Glass of water ~ a clear glass ¾ full of water placed in any room of your home will help clean and erase memories while you are not thinking about it. Change this water twice per day or more often if you are feeling especially anxious, worried or upset. You can write the name of the situation troubling you on a piece of paper and place the glass of water on top of it. Remember to change the water periodically throughout the day.

Ha Breathing ~  

Dr. Len also states in a recording that just the "Ha" breathing can cure depression. Breath in while counting to 10 (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10), but just as fast as you normally count, no need to go slow unless you want to. Then hold your breath in for a count of 10. Then let out your breath for a count of 10 (even happily sighing or "haaaa" if you want). Do this 10 times or however long you'd like. It's a beautiful thing!


Ice Blue ~ works on any pain and suffering. Just think ice blue when you have any burns, cuts, bruises or hurts. Use it when cutting plants and grass to help numb their pain. Use as many times as you like to help you, anyone or anything who may be experiencing hurt.

Light Switch ~ meaning the Light goes on and the darkness disappears. Erases whatever is going on in you (your memories) which you perceive the problem to be. You can say 'I turn the Lightswitch on my thoughts feelings memories of .......'


~ look at yourself, see who you really are, Love yourself again. A deep profound love comes from this. You see yourself as you really are, you see the world. You reach zero. AND say I love you to YOU . 


Orange Juice
~ imagine yourself pouring a glass of orange juice. Imagine placing a $20 bill into the orange juice (can be any value), and leave the money in the glass of orange juice. Continue with this exercise putting whatever else you want to clean into the imaginary glass of orange juice. Why does this work? Dr. Hew Len says that Orange juice represents God's sunrays. So by putting the money in the glass of orange juice, we are putting money in the rays of the sun. By doing this, we are cleaning on the money. Another suggestion he had, if you are in credit card debt, you are abusing money. So you need to apologize to money for abusing
it. I'm sorry money for abusing you, I'm sorry money for abusing you, I'm sorry money for abusing you….Basically everything in the world has energy around it, and these items may need to be cleaned as our memories may have abused them in the past.

Picture of younger self ~ have a picture of yourself as a little boy or girl. Tap it with the eraser tool idea, say the 4 phrases to your younger self and see what epiphanies come. Or say Dewdrop and tap on picture .

Pillar of the Peace of I
~ just by thinking Pillar of the Peace of I you will be automatically placed in the radiance of Divinity in that moment. Your whole being will be protected from negative vibrations. Then you can direct it to anything or anyone else to bring them into balance too by just thinking Pillar of the Peace of I. Use it throughout the day.

Seeing BLUE

whenever you see anything blue, remember Ho'oponopono and say the phrases, be in that moment. 


 Silence pills
Erase memories of women's hatred of men.    Mentally say, "I take silence pills." 
The cleansing process will take memories back to ZERO and allowing LOVE to manifest.

Strawberries & Blueberries ~ Dr. Len says that these two fruits have a cleansing effect on our memories. They void memories. Eat fresh or dried, in jam or anything. Not only healthy for us to eat, but also good for the soul! Strawberries heal the heart and depression.

~ and don't forget your x's and o's! x's to clean, clear and erase, send love and transmutation! o is the state of nothingness/zero. One leads to the other. x is love and erasing/transmuting/Ho'oponopono all in one. o is the state of zero, the state where you receive inspiration from Dinity/God and take action from those messages, the ultimate state of being. Just being...Be...

X= Love / Ho'oponopono

O = Zero / Divinity 


Information in this blogpost is Sourced from  a post in a Ho'oponopono forum online 2009 and I have added extra info to it  also.
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