Wednesday, February 29, 2012

♥ The Prosperity Gold Coin ♥

~RAINBOW HEALINGS~ Divine Angel Readings~ Erika L Soul
                                    THE PROSPERITY GOLD COIN 

This real money coin is energetically imprinted with the Spirit of Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth. It is a Money Magnet designed to attract Money, lucky opportunities, financial blessings,Work, and more into your life. It is a Money Miracles Manifestor ! It is drawing in the energy of Abundance, increasing the flow of abundance and widening the amount you are allowing in. It helps to release your resistance to being financially well off and transmutes all old mental and emotional blocks to your success, prosperity, money and happiness.The energy of this coin will attune you to money and work with you as a Money Attractor , within it are many healing processes and blessings . It has a powerful thought form for clearing Money issues and attracting the right work and income for you. You can place it on your third eye to really activate its healing properties. Hold it often, keep it close with you in your pocket and touch it to feel the coins energy as this is increasing its effectiveness for you.
It is meant to be held and felt as this is its way of connecting with you and connecting you to your abundance. It is your Money buddy and is helping you to feel rich and wealthy. 

Angels of Abundance and Prosperity are attuned to it to assist you financially also. The energy of this coin is set high to help raise your energy up to the highest and best level for you. Within it is a Vortex of Prosperity which will join with your energy field and you will find it easier to think and feel prosperous. It will continue to work with you as long as it needs to if you pass it on to someone else it will bring its blessings to them and you will lose nothing but only gain from your gift of giving.

Much more is within this coin than I can say here , it is akin to a Golden Spiritual Coin to help you to become all that you truly are and be the wealth that you really are. It restoreth you to yourself and the Divinity within . False illusions drop away as you vibrate to the Universal Energy more and more and you become a Magnet for all your Good. So hold the coin when you feel any lack thoughts or fear and worry about money and allow the coin to clear this for you and bring you into the energy and vibration of Plenty and Joy, Blessings and Money Miracles .The only requirement for all of this is your ALLOWING and Willingness for all of this to become true for you and to create Financial miracles in your life. If you cannot be open to allowing all of this to connect to you and assist you via this coin and/or you can’t believe in this coins healing properties then please don't join this event as it would be non beneficial for you.Best to leave the mind out of this as it may not comprehend how this can be real, you only need an open heart and mind and allowingness.
The value of this The Prosperity Blessings Coin is beyond money and enriches you on all levels of your being.

If you wish to have your own Prosperity Gold Coin then visit this page


     Divine Angel Readings 
 with Soul Energy Healing

Erika L  Soul

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