Sunday, March 8, 2015

Healing Angel Moment > 555 and Transformation

Angel Number Reading for *555*    
555* means that Major Changes and significant Transformations are here now for you . 
You have an opportunity to break out of the CHRYSALIS and uncover the Amazing LIFE you so truly Deserve now !
( Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers)

Healing Angel Moment
This is an Healing Angel Moment for everyone who wishes to participate now receive this all you need to do is read the words and allow this to occur for you and trust it is done for you also .The energy for this transformation is within these words and the intention is for all to receive this Soul Energy Healing facilitated by Erika L Soul. Your Guardian Angel and Spiritual Guidance will assist you with this healing plus my Angels and Guides here too...
  Who is ready willing and able to do this right NOW ????..
 LETS BREAK OUT of our BOXES of LIMITATIONS and truly embrace having The LIFE we so Truly DESERVE NOW !!!
So with all the Power we Truly Are and All the Angels assisting us to do this :
Let's now Welcome significant Transformations and Most Benevolent Outcomes & Divine Blessings INTO our Lives right now ...
Let's right now Let Go and Release all limitations keeping us trapped in our boxes ....I set them free and I am free!!!
And WE now Step into the Life we truly Deserve!!!!
HERE WE GO ...1........2.........3 !! And IT IS DONE!!!
WOW who feels lighter and freer now like a whole lot of baggage just went bye byes !!! So THANKYOU Angels Guides and higher Beings here assisting everyone who has participated and thankyou to all the willing trusting open Souls who took this JOURNEY here with us into the unknown and the new ....
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Love and Blessings ❤AngelErika ^✿^


  1. i think i came upon this article at the perfect moment,as if i was guided here...eventhough i have been more positive than i have ever been that i can achieve whatever i want now,i have been having doubts and this really helped me release some of those doubts..thanks erika

  2. wow i just had a similar experience to the person above. I've been feeling really positive today, but doubts about this and had seen the number 555 just before finding this page. Thank you <3

  3. OMG! Me too, it's been a tough couple of years and just as I have been seeing a ton of progress and finally momentum in a lighter direction, wham! a big blow that had me layed up in bed for 2 days and scared stiff and today as I ventured out still feeling hurt on my way home I stopped to buy 2 cups of tea and the total was 4.55, and without thought I added a dollar for tip and the total was 555, OMG, I was so excited and relieved and overwhelmed with gratitude. Then tonight I was looking up the number 683 and this post came up and I clicked....THANK YOU SO MUCH ERICA, for posting this, what a blessing and honor to have stopped by and received this and contributed my experience as well. Love and light

  4. Thank you so much for publishing this ray of hope!! For two long years, everything has been frozen in place -- my spouse lost his job and now we are nearly out of money. I have been grappling with the effects of spinal cord injury (neck) and nerve damage (legs, lumbar spine) for years now, and just discovered I may need oral surgery to remove more teeth than ones that can stay. Have no idea how to pay for any of this, or how I will manage to chew food in the future. So this 555 was terrifying. It's like OMG have my prayers fallen on deaf ears for these years? No. Things are changing for the BETTER. I am determined!!! So thank you very much for this boost of hope. It cannot have come at a better time.

  5. What a beautiful blessing & gift of cleansing, healing, & receiving for our highest good & the highest good of everyone & everything involved! Thank you for sharing & God Bless You! :)

  6. Thank You, for this site it's truly a up lifting blessing!

  7. Thank you so much for this! 😊


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